Chapter 2

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"So what are we doing?" Jay asked

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"So what are we doing?" Jay asked.

"Find the niggas who did it." I stuffed my hands in my jean jacket pockets.

"Man that's crazy. I bet you it was some nigga from South." He said. I nodded believing that someone in the South killed my brother. My oldest brother during the summer.

Police searched for minutes then stopped like they ain't care. Now it's my turn to search. My brother being dead hit everyone hard, not just family. My brother was a football star.

Little kids looked up to my Brother Robert. Then someone had to take his life. Everything was just hell for me that summer.

After school me and my boys went off to my house. We were in my room talking about random shit. "Aye So in class today Mr Nobles ass got caught up in what he was saying. Ended up saying some gay ass shit." Jay laughs.

"Mane look. Mr Hayne was about to start the whole unit over. Man shorty saved us. He called on her for a reason ya know."

"Who?" I asked.

"Ion know her name but is shorty smart. She is doing my homework hell." Nick said.

"Oh. You and Sammantha wrong as hell. Y'all knew she would do your homework." I said.

"Exactly." He jerked his head back. "Mr Hayne had me fucked up thinking I was going to write 10 fucking paragraphs."

"How the fuck you make it to 12th grade?" Jay commented, making us laugh.

"That shit so easy man." I shake my head. School has always been easy to me. All you gotta do is pay attention and memorize the shit. Folks make the shit hard.

"Man fuck that. She is doing my shit and imma get a good grade on it so boom." He nodded.

"Ight. So boom. Man ole girl hit me up talking about an I single I was like yea. Shorty was cute foh. So she was like good because my friend need a boyfriend I was like ok so she showed me who her friend was. And Foh. That bitch was ugly. Long chin ass bitch." He shake his head. I chuckle.

"Boom got a plan for the weekend." Jay said.

"What?" I asked.

"Zai wanna go to the movies." He smirked. "Boom after the movies I banged that hoe."

"You and Zai are definitely gonna end up together.Y'all tryna take the girls to the movies?" I stroked my chin hairs.

"Hell nah this me and Zai thing." Jay said.

"Nigga Whatever. Imma finger Zoey." I said.

"Ight Remember the last bitch you fingered in the movie. Had that theater lit." Nick fanned the air. "That bitch was lit huh? She was on some shit huh?" We let out a laugh.

"I ain't never talk to shorty again after that.  She tried apologizing nah bitch go wash ya pussy." They laugh at my remark.

"Key Key Key! Guess what!" My little sister Kenzie burst into my room.

"Uh Uh. What I told you about busting in my room like that?" I cut her off. She frowned walking out knocking. "Come in."

"Guess what?" She said. "I made honor roll.  All A's."

"Oh hell. That's good." I take her report card looking at him. "Good. I'll treat you later."

"Money." She smirked, raising her eyebrow up and down making us chuckle.

"Nah. Ice cream." She thought about it before nodding.

"Bet." She snatched the paper running out of my room.

After a couple hours of spending time with my boys we decided to go to get something to eat. I took Kenzie to treat her like I said. Instead of ice cream she chose food.

"These people look rich." She said.

"Ken don't say stuff out loud like that." I said.

Our waitress makes her way over to our table. "Hi my name is Nova I'll be your waitress for this evening. What can I get you?"

I tapped Kenzie letting her order first. "I would like to have the fudge ice cream with whipped cream and Caramel syrup. A lot of Caramel syrup." She said. I look at her then shake my head. I thought she didn't want ice cream.

"Aye your shorty from class?" Nick asked.

She looks up and half smiles before going back to her resting face. She looked like she was sad about something. I never saw her smile. If I did she was laughing then it's a quick straight sad face.

We order our food then she walks away. "Shorty did my homework- fuck I gotta pay her." Nick paused. He shrugged. "Well obviously she has a job. And this tip imma leave as her money."

"Oh." I said.

"I have to go to the bathroom. I have to apply more lip gloss." She got up from her seat and walked off to the bathroom.

I sat up. "Man look this shit killing me." I gave them that look.

"I know man. It's killing everybody." Nick said.

"I want revenge. Ion care what I have to do just to know who killed my brother.  Im talking about some mafia shit. On their knees gun at the back of the head." I said.

I was going to do whatever just to know who killed my brother. Police ain't doing shit. Some imma take matters into my own hands.

"You really wanna do this man. I mean this jail time we are facing." Jay said.

"I'm positive. Ion give a fuck about jail. I'll go down for my brother. Would you?" I flip the script on him.

"Hell yea I would. You my brother. Robert was like my brother to man. Of course imma go down for him." Jay said. Jay was always around our family. He ate with us, and cried with us. He was like family to us.

"When we find out. We taking that nigga out." I said with some much seriousness in my tone.

Nova came back with our food. Then Kenzie came back pressing her lips together. "Like my lip gloss."

"Yes I can see my reflection." Nick joked saying she put too much on.

"Is there anything else?" She asked.

"Aye you done with my homework." Nick asked her.

She nodded. "I actually turned it in. You made a 98." She said.

"Aight bet." He stuck out his fist to give her some dap. She just looked at his hand and gave him a small smile.

"Your welcome." She said before she walked away. I chuckled.

"Don't nobody wanna shake ya hand man." I told him to chuckle.

"Whatever she just lives with the white people so ion think she knows what dap is." He said, shrugging as I shook my head.


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