Valentine's Day Part 4

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Then I feel his lips on mine. I melt into the kiss, his hands going back on my hips pulling me closer until there was no more space between us.
Todoroki's POV
His lips are so soft. He tastes so sweet. We break for breath and Uraraka yells, "GAYYYYY!" Then Isu leans over and kisses her then says, "So are you, ribbit." Uraraka blushes a deep red. "So are you my Bakubabe." Kirishima says then he got punched by Bakugo. I look back down at Izuku.
His face is looking down and a hue of red around his head. I lift his head with my index finger under his chin, "What's wrong?" He pushes my hand away and wrigles out of my grip. He starts walking away into the little forest by the park. I look at Uraraka.
"Go after him, he's gonna get hurt." I look back and see Izuku disappear behind a tree. As I follow him I see Toga. She is also following him. I run to catch up to him, but she gets to him first. She holds his arms down with one arm and the other has a knife to his throut. I step on a stick a it breaks making a fairly loud crack. She wips around still holding the knife to Izuku's throut.
"If you want his head to stay on his body, you'll let us leave. And if you vome any closer I will not hesitate to do it." Izuku was shaking, I have to save him. I take a step forward and she gives him a little cut on his cheek, then moves the knife back down to his neck. A tear falls from his eye.
"Okay. Okay." I say as I walk back A few steps. Then she drags him away. And I can't do anything. I run back to the picnic and tell everyone everything.

Time Skip - They are back at school and tell the teachers what happened

Uraraka POV
After Todoroki-kun told the teachers and everyone start discussing a plan he left the classroom. I followed him to see what was wrong, other than Deku being taken by Toga, and I saw him crying. I went up to him and just hugged him in silence. We stayed like that for a good 6 minutes. Then we walked back to the classroom. Everyone saw his bloodshot eyes and we had a group hug with him in the middle. Even Bakugo joined in on the hug.

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