Chapter Eighteen

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Jonathan and Lauren ran over to Jett. He'd collapsed. Jonathan checked his pulse to make sure he was alive. Lauren didn't drop her guard as she tried to shake Jett awake.

"You know this guy?" Jonathan asks Lauren with a concerned look.

"Not really. My brother was really good friends with him until he realized that Jett was dating Marah who we thought was his sister but turned out to be his girlfriend that tricked Sammy into dating her while in truth she was dating Jett." Lauren says, not thinking about how confusing that might sound to someone who hadn't known beforehand.

"Uuh..." Jonathan stuttered but Lauren waved it away as Jett began to wake.

"Jett? Are you okay?" Lauren asks while she helps him sit up and lean against a tree.

"I'm fine. I'm still recovering from when Amber attacked me." Jett mumbled and leaned his head back against the tree.

"You're not going to kill us are you?" Lauren asks watching Jonathan from the corner of her eye.

"I never wanted to hurt anybody. Honestly, I really didn't. I didn't have a choice." Jett sniffles and coughs.

"How do we know to trust you?" Jonathan asks and Jett eyes him up and down.

"I could ask you the same. Trusting is something only two people have earned from me but sadly they think I'm dead. I'm not trustworthy and neither are you." Jett snaps but Lauren grabs his hand to make him calm down. "I can take you to Sammy. I don't know where Ari is though."

"You can? Thank you Jett!" Lauren exclaims and resists from hugging him. Jonathan stands up and pulls Jett up, allowing Jett to swing his arm around Jonathan's shoulders to steady him. Lauren carried their bag while Jett directed the way.


"Here we are." Jett says when they arrive at the opening of a cave. Jonathan helps Jett sit on a rock and rest.

"Are you sure this is the right place?" Lauren asks. Her heart was pounding but she refused to let her fear show.

"Yeah, I heard him screaming when I walked past about an hour ago." Jett says. "You can't mistake his scream for someone else's."

"Scream? Was he hurt?" Jonathan asks

"No. It was angry, making scared. I could smell his fear and worry." Jett says.

"Smell?" Jonathan asks. "He's a weird creature thing too?"

"Werewolf. Aren't you?" Jett asks sniffing the air.

"No! I'm mortal one hundred percent." Jonathan yells.

"My bad dude." Jett raises his hands in surrender. "I can smell blood, you might wanna hurry."

"You aren't coming with us?" Lauren asks, glancing at the cave.

"I'm weak. I'll slow you down if something happens. I'll be here if you need wolfy here but I don't think anyone else is in there other than Sammy." Jett says and Lauren nods. Jonathan cocks his gun and the two enter the dark cave.

The cave isn't long but it isn't short. There were no turns or other caves within, just a straight path. Lauren was whisper-yelling Sammy's name. The two stopped in their tracked when they saw a tarp in the corner at the end of the cave. It could easily be overlooked it you weren't paying attention. The closer Lauren and Jonathan got to the tarp the more hopeful they got. It was moving up and down slightly as if something underneath was breathing. Jonathan grabbed a corner of the tarp and pulled it off whatever was underneath. They immediately noticed the blonde boy they'd come to admire, unconscious and bleeding from a head wound.

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