Dropping The Bomb

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There is a male lying down in the bed, he has something in his stomach that is made of metal. But, it gets even weirder, Lexie, who drives one of the ambulances, has her hand in the male, holding that thing.

"Excuse me." I say to Lexie. "Why do you have your hand in my patient?"

"I can't take it out." She says. "I was putting pressure on the wound, when my hand somehow got stuck. Please take it out, there's a lot of blood."

"I'll do my best." I say, also looking at the Chief, who nods and walks away. "Now what exactly is this thing and why is inside of you... Bill?"

"My friend and I like creating things for fun, usually we make normal things, but today we decided to create a machine that throws bombs." He says, I look at him with wide eyes, he continues. "It wasn't working, so I went up close to see why it wasn't, my wife warned me not to, but I did, and it worked, but it shot it right into... me."

"Okay..." I say.

"YOU GUYS SHOULDN'T HAVE BUILT IT!" Yells a woman coming towards us.

"WE KNOW THAT NOW!" Says a man, walking beside her.

"...and I'm guessing that's your friend and wife?" I ask, he nods. 

I take my gloves off and they walk beside.

"So, that are we going to do, doctor?" Asks the friend.

"I am going to take it out." I say, I look towards Lexie. "Which will get your hand out of there."

"Oh thank god." She lets out a breath.

"He won't have anything ruined or something?" Asks the wife. 

"From what I see." I say. "It's an easy situation, I just go in there, make the hole big enough so we can take it out."

"Oh good." Says Bill.

"You got lucky friend." I say and walk away.

I page Meredith as I walk to the cafeteria. I sit down at the table where everyone is, beside Laura and Eric.

"How has your day been so far?" Asks Cara. 

"Pretty easy." Shrugs Nathan.

"Yeah, same." Says David and Eric.

"Well, I have a tumor to get rid of." Says Laura.

"I have a guy that was blasted with a bomb." I shrug, they all look at me with wide eyes.

"Damn..." They all say, that's when Meredith walks up. "We're all coming to see that."

"Doctor Grey?" She asks. "You needed me."

"Meredith, we've talked about this, just call me Skylar." I say, she smiles and nods. "I need you to schedule a surgery as soon as possible, and I need you to prep the patient, the details can be given to you... by Lexie."

"Huh, okay..." She says. "Anything else..."

"...and you can scrub in." I roll my eyes playfully.

"Yes!" She fistbumps the air, then the unexpected, she kisses my cheek. "Thank you."

"Umm, no problem." I say, she walks away.

"Why do you get all the good girls." Mumbles David. "Like Meredith obviously likes you, and Laura is chasing after you." They all look at him with wide eyes, except for Laura and I, who continue eating. "I, uh, I mean I-"

"David!" Yells Cara. "Why did you say that!"

"I'm sorry!" He says. "I'm sorry Laura."

"Wait..." Says Eric. "Why are you two okay with it...?"

"Because..." I say, looking at her. "We're..?" I have no clue what we are, so I'm waiting for her to say something.

"We're together." She smiles. "If that's okay with you?"

"Of course it is." I say then I kiss her.

"Aww!" They all awe at us.

"Whatever." I roll my eyes playfully.

We continue talking, it stops when I get a page from Meredith, I get up.

"Okay, I gotta go." I say. "See you all at home!"

I walk away and go to the OR room. While I scrub in, I see Meredith talking with Lexie, and Bill is under. I walk in and they put me everything on that I need.

"Alright, let's get to work." I say, they both nod. "Scalpel." I get handed a scalpel. 


Laura's POV

We all sit down in the observing part of the OR in which Skylar is operating in. 

We see her scrubbing in, as Lexie and Meredith are talking. 

"Alright!" Says David. "Just what I needed to see today."

"A bomb getting cut out of someone?" Asks Eric, his eyes go wide. "Oh shit..."

"Hey!" Says Cara. "no swearing!"

"Wait, why did you swear?" I ask, he gets up and starts running away. "Where are you going?!"

We all look at each other and shrug. We all continue looking at the surgery.

"Scalpel." Says Skylar, she gets a scalpel in her hand.

That's when we see Eric walk in there, talking to Skylar.

"CALL THE CHIEF NOW!" She yells, someone goes on the phone and calls him. "Code Black!"

"What's a code black?" I ask them.

"It means that there's a bomb in the building..." They all say.

"Oh Shit..." I say.

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