Dropping The Bomb

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Skylar's POV

After showing everyone the house, which they seemed to love, we sat down and ate. That's when our pagers all go off. 


"Okay, come on kids!" Yells Cara, making everyone laugh.

They all go outside and get in their cars, well everyone except for Laura, who I now notice has been quiet the whole entire time.

"Hey, are you okay?" I ask.

"Yeah, I'm fine." She nods, while making a fake smile.

"Do you not want to move in with me?" I ask, that was worded incorrectly, but whatever.

"No!" She says, trying to hide a blush. "It's just, I, uh, um..."

"No English?" I ask.

"I can't really explain it...?" She says. "So, instead, I'll show you."

"Alright..." I say.

"Let's hope this doesn't go wrong." I hear her saying under her nose.

Not a even a second later, I feel lips onto mine. I must have jumped a bit because she backed away.

"Oh my god, I'm sorry." She says, holding her head. "I shouldn't have done that, now you probably hate me and don-"

"Shush." I say, kissing her, I back away. "It's okay, I don't hate you, if anything I like you back."

"Okay.." She says. "Wait..! It worked! Yes!"

"Okay, calm down tiger." I laugh. "Come on."

I grab her hand and we go outside, everyone is gone.

"...and they all ditched us." Says Laura.

"Whatever, at least I have you." I say.

"That was so cheesy." She laughs. "Yet so cute."

"Thank you." I smile. "Wanna use my car? Or..?"

"Okay!" She says. "You can drive."

"I wouldn't want it any other way." I say, she slaps my arm.

"That was rude!" She says. "Do you not trust me with your car?"

"Um..." I say, instead of answering I run and get in the driver's seat.

She laughs and joins me, going to the passenger seat. We both get another page.

"Okay!" I say. "We get it!"

I start driving us to the hospital, we go inside and we meet the Chief.

"Hey Chief." I say. "What's up?"

"You both have different things to do." He says, we both nod. "So, I'll explain Laura's in front of both of you, Skylar, I will talk to you in a bit." I nod and he continues talking. "Laura, you have a patient which is very close to me, she needs you to remove her tumor."

"Okay." She smiles. "I will do the job." 

"Thank you." Smiles the Chief, Laura kisses me on the cheek and leaves.

"Is there something going on in between you two." He smirks.

"You had something to tell me..?" I ask, completely ignoring his question, he rolls his eyes and continues.  

"Yeah, okay, follow me." He says walking. "This patient has an interesting story behind his injury, I want you to be careful."

"Okay." I nod, he opens the curtain.   

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