Chapter 32

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He looks up from his computer screen and sighs. ''If you stay too long without won't survive''


Your POV

''morning'' Jackson's voice spoke beside you on the bed, and you turn to look at him. 

''hey'' you reply lazily, your eyes squinting as sunlight shot through them like daggers.

Yeah, you guys slept on the same bed but it was nothing more than that. You both agreed to take everything slow.

Placing a soft peck on your hair, he gets up and you both get ready for school.

The both of you walk together in a comfortable silence, lost in each others thoughts. As you near the school gates, you notice Jimin and Jungkook edging near towards you.

Jackson grips your hand tight. ''It's okay'' you assure, noticing they portrayed no intention of harm. In fact, they looked rather worried.

''Y/N...can we talk?'' Jimin tentatively asks, and you notice Taehyung's absence.

You guys ended up ditching lesson. ''So, you're asking me to let Taehyung feed on me again?''

''No way'' Jackson defends vehemently.

''Please'' Jungkook pleads, his doe eyes desperate. ''Or he's going to die...''

Your eyes soften immediately when you see Jungkook looking so scared, pleading.

''...fine'' you answer. No matter what happened between the two of you, he didn't deserve to die.

Their eyes light up. ''Really? Thank you...'' they let out a sigh of relief. ''It's only until we find a solution...'' Jimin tells you, raking a hand through his hair.

''Come to our soon as possible. He is currently bed bound...'' Jungkook says.

When they walk away, Jackson turns to face you. ''Are you sure about this?''

''Yes..'' you answer, pursing your lips. ''Even if I do hate him, I can't let him die''


You stand in front of the wooden door, clenching your fists. It opens shortly, and Yoongi greets you with a nod. ''He's upstairs''

His eyes flicker towards Jackson. ''you stay outside'' and he grabs your arm, bringing you forward and closes the door.

''Hey!'' you retort, frowning. ''If he's out then I go out''

Yoongi grunts in response, opening the door again. ''come in, asshat''

You clamber up the stairs and knock on the familiar door. No one answers so you open it anyway, precariously creeping inside.

Jisoo spots you and gets up, walking past you. ''this is all your fault. fix him'' she hisses, leaving through the door. You roll your eyes. What was she, his personal nurse?

You clear your throat, signalling your entrance. His eyes slowly open, widening for a moment, but the uncaring expression seeps back into his features when Jackson emerges with you.

'' actually came, huh'' his voice is raspy, soft and deep like rich silk.

''uh, yeah'' you monotonously answer, seating yourself on a chair beside his bed. His face had become very pale, contrasting to his dark, intense gaze. His tongue slips out to moisten his full lips, rosy and plush.

Jackson stands beside you, not looking so content. ''Let's just get it over with''

You nod, extending your wrist. He unexpectedly looks away.

''hey, what the fuck. I thought you wanted to drink?'' you ask.

His eyes flicker towards Jackson. ''him'' he says. ''tell him to get out''

You furrow your eyebrows in annoyance. ''Why? He's staying with me. He's my boyfriend-''

You don't have time to finish your sentence when you feel a gush of wind hit you abruptly, a pair of fangs protruding menacingly into the skin of your neck.

When did he-?!

You open your eyes in shock and almost lose your breath when you see Taehyung sitting on your lap against you, his legs dangling on each side of your hips on the chair.

One of his arms are wrapped around your back, and the other is tilting your head to the side so he can drink. The heat of his body is radiating through you like currents, sending you into a sensual state of intoxication.

He's jumped onto you too fast for you to comprehend, allowing no time for either of you to intervene while he drinks.

Does being super hungry make you the flash or something?

Jackson's first response is to punch him, but he's a bit too slow as Taehyung had already retreated back to his bed, now licking the remaining remnants of blood on his lips.

''She gave you her arm to drink from, not her neck'' Jackson growls, clenching his fists.

''It's my favorite spot'' he smirks, baring his fangs in an animal like grin. He seemed to have regained all his energy, now exuberant and cocky as ever.

You grit your teeth in anger, slightly wincing as your bite mark begins to sting. ''You're just jealous. Admit it'' you spit, and his lips twitch into a scoff.

''jealous of what? There's only one thing you're useful for..'' he sardonically chuckles, leaning in to whisper- ''...your blood ''

You arch and eyebrow and scoff, smirking back. ''Well guess what..'' you lean in too, whispering- ''you're the one who needs me, for my blood. I don't need you''

And you stand up swiftly, retreating out the door with Jackson.


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