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Leroy came up with a plan to use rope to pull him up. Everyone was gathered help us.

‘’It better hold’’David said

‘’It will hold’’

Snow and I stood by the hole talking to Anton telling him everything would be okay. Leroy took the rope and threw it down to Anton. David had to go down and help him up. Snow took David and quickly kissed him. I took hold of the rope and held on tight.All the dwarfs, Ruby and other people were holding into the rope. Snow took ahold of it. David grabbed onto the end. Putting it around his waist.

‘’Okay Anton, I'm coming down’’David yelled down. David lowered himself down the hole. My nerves were going crazy. But everything will be fine, I  know it. We started pulling. It was heavy but we were getting them up.

‘’Almost, a little more’'Snow shouted at us.  I pulled harder and I saw hands come onto the ground and David and Anton were up. Ruby and I bent down to Anton.

‘’Hey, your okay''I said giving him a soft smile.

‘’You saved my life’’Anton said. David and Snow were now crouched down with us.

‘’That’s what we do’’Snow said

‘’Thank you.’’

‘’Your welcome’’Leroy said.

‘’Were not all the same Anton. I don’t know what my brother did to you but that’s not us.’’David said

‘’You have no idea’’Anton said.

We got to grannys after the whole ordeal. We got inside and me, Ruby and Snow hung out coats up and i did as well.

‘’This is granny's’’Leroy said.

I sat down at the bar.

‘’She makes a mean lasagne and runs the inn so I'm sure she can set you up with a room till you find a place’’Leroy said to Anton.

‘’Thanks, but I think I will set up camp in the woods’’Anton said

Why would he do that?

‘’The woods?’’Leroy asked

Snow came and sat next to me.

‘’Yeah, I'm better off alone. I'm not to good at fitting in’’

‘’Your in the right place. Storybrooks got all kinds. Dwarfs, fairy's, wearwolfs. You name it, Ruby beers all around’’Leroy said

Ruby started handing out beers, but I got water.

‘’We all miss our land Anton. But this is our home now’’Snow said

‘’You never think about going back?''Anton asked

‘’Of corce we do. It's just not possible’’Snow said

My thoughts went to Neverland. Why hadn’t peters shadow came and gotten me? Peter had to know that the curse was broken. so why hadn’t he come for me?

‘’We have no way to get there’’

‘’Hows the farm land here?’’Anton asked

‘’pretty good. why?’’

Anton took out a little vile with something inside of it.

‘’The stems of a beanstalk. If I plant it, it should be able to grow some magic beans and then you might just have a way’’Anton explained.

Wait so we could go back to the enchanted forest? That place is horrible now but I'm sure we could fix it up, or would I go to Neverland. take a bean and go back there. But dose peter even want me? He would get me by now if he wanted me right? Maybe he didn’t know the curse was broken.

David drove us to a place in the fields. No one even came out here. Anton was crouched down looking at the soil.

‘’So whats the verdict?’’David asked

‘’The soil has a nice feel. The minerals. The beans should grow well here. only one problem’’Anton said

‘’Whats that?’’I asked

‘’Cora. This is why she brought me here. She wanted me to grow beans. So whatever she plans on doing with them, cant be good’’

‘’Then we wont let her get to them’’

‘That will be a little hard snow, concertinaing we are in a field were anyone could see them’’I said

‘’No one touches our crop’’Leroy said. The dwarfs coming up with there pick axes.

‘’Your crop? I thought you guys were miners?’’Anton asked

‘’Work is work. That’s what we do’’Leroy said shrugging

‘’So what do you say. You up for some help?’

‘’Okay’’Anton said

‘’happy!’’Leroy shouted

happy walked over and handed Anton a ax.’’Here to help break up the earth’’

‘Tiny’’Anton said. Reading the name that was on the ax. The enchanted ax.

‘'My brothers used to call me that’’

‘’Ax never lies’’

‘’Wait a minute I did my time in the mines. How come I didn’t get one of those?’’David asked

‘’Cause you ain't a dwarf’’ Leroy said.

I smiled.

‘’Welcome abored brother’’Leroy said

Then they started axing. I smiled. Everything was going to be alright. I hope.

Snow and I were in my room sitting on the floor, painting our nails. Just talking.

‘’Would you back to Neverland? If we succeed with the beans would you go back with us or go to Neverland?’’Snow asked looking at me with a kind face, as usual.

‘’Truthfully, I have no idea. Neverland is my home but so it the enchanted forest. Its just if Peter wanted me back then I would be back. He always gets what he wants.’’

‘’How would he get you?’’Snow asked

‘’He has a shadow that can take you to Neverland. Peter sends it to get new lost boys. That’s what got me when I was kidnapped. It came across me by accident and took me to Neverland. If Peter wanted me he would get the shadow to get me or come here himself. He doesn't want me’’

Snow put her hand on my arm and came closer to me’’Hey, don’t talk like that. I'm sure he still cares for you. But I don’t want him to take you. I have missed you for years. Wondering who took you and if you were alive. I don’t want to lose you again’’

I hugged her and tears flowed down my face.

‘’I missed you’’I said

‘’I missed you too, Rose’’she said hugging me back. We just stayed like that for a while, not talking just hugging eachother.

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