114| Not enough

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Look at you,
In the mirror caked with the words you heard,
As you grew up under the twinkling stars,
On your roof,
They hung when it wasn't night,
And under the sunshine, that you could turn on,
In the haze of dawn,

Look at you,
As the morning glory,
Bloomed into a castle of your happiness,
With walls painted with hues you liked,
And dresses lined with diamonds and shiny,
Pennies from the wells that the villagers,
Showered their wishes in,

Look at you,
You're the constellation that shepherds found,
While tracing the horizon,
Sitting by the terrain of a ravishing hill,
With the rills,
Casting a map on the skin of land,

Look at you,
Aren't you beautiful?
And then you smash the glass in a swing of your knuckles,
And your fury bubbled into your raging red eyes,
Spilling down, the tears of betrayal,
You ask from the shards...
Why am I not enough!?!

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