Chapter 61

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After our little giant fight we went to grannys. I sat next to Leroy, across from Snow and David.

‘’Did that giant just say he will make you pay? For what?’’Snow asked in confusion.

‘’I have no idea I’ve never seen that guy before’’David said

‘’Well he has seen you before’’I said

‘’No’’David said realization across his face.

‘’its not about me. he just thinks it is’’David said

What the hell is that supposed to mean!? David then explained about his twin brother and that it was him that the giant had most likely met.

‘’Your brother, that’s who he thinks you are’’Snow said

‘’That’s the only thing that makes sense’’David said

‘’Come on’’David grabbed his jacket

‘’Where are we going?’’I asked

‘’To find out just how much trouble my brother got himself into. Leroy!’’David called to Leroy who has come out of the bathroom, his head was injured from earlier and he went to clean it up.

‘’Get your head looked at and gather the dwarfs. Well keep an eye out for this giant’’David said

Snow and I shared looks before we both stood up, throwing my jacket on, following David.

We were walking down the street and I heard thumping noises. We all looked at each other before sprinting down the street. We hid behind the wall and slowly crept around the corner. Anton was there, now back to his giant glory and was scaring people.

‘’That’s right, run’’he said before taking a car and throwing it in our direction. David pulled Me and Snow back so the car wouldn’t hit us. It hit the ground a little far ways from us. I sighed in relief. Anton started walking away and we ran down the street. People were running. scared for their lives.

‘’Get to the town hall! Bring anyone you find on the way!’’David yelled informing people’’somebody get Leroy!’’

‘’Guess we found our giant. I just didn’t think he would be so’’Snow said

‘’Giant?’’I asked looking at my sister.

‘’My mistake’’

‘’Ever stop one before?''David asked

''Nope''snow replied.

‘’With poppy seed powder. Pretty sure we are out of that’’I said

‘’Well here's to new firsts’’David said and he took off running towards the giant.

‘’Wait you don’t have to do this!’’

The giant turned and looked down at David

‘’Yeah I do, you destroyed everything in my life.  Now your going to know how it feels like’’the giant yelled, his voice booming.

‘’The man that hurt you. that wasn’t me. That was my twin brother, James, we were separated at birth. He was raised by a ruthless king’’

I saw someone come up next to me and I looked and saw Leroy.

‘’Your not James?’’the giant asked


‘’Ten where is he?’’

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