7 - Brussels, Belgium

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Warning: strong language.


The next country after France was Belgium. It was the small neighbouring country which the group were keen to visit. Belgium was famously known for its tasteful chocolate. Because of this, it was agreed to go to a chocolate factory in the capital of the country. To say it was an experience was an understatement.

"Chocolate is the best invention ever made." Louis mumbled, viewing the large factory in front of them.

Violet shook her head, visibly disagreeing. "Nope. Chicken nuggets are the best food of all time." She continued, "I'd give an eyeball for a chicken nugget."

Louis just gave her a disgusted look, wondering what was going on in her head.

Marlon interjected, "Or maybe we could head in there now and not argue about which food is best?" Which earned agreement from Clem.

With the eventual mutual agreement of the four teens, they all headed towards the main entrance of the intimidating building.

The tour of the factory was well under way. The group were learning about how the chocolate is made, where the cocoa beans are from and more interesting facts.
By now, everyone on the tour was given a sample of the different chocolate flavours with different textures. Some with nuts, some with raisins and white chocolate. Solid, bubbled or melted.

The four teens were sat around a picnic bench, outside in the sun. Just like a kid, Louis was happily eating away at his melted marshmallow chocolate with a plastic spoon. Oblivious to the chocolate on his nose, the rest of his friends sniggered at the sight.

"Lou, you got some on your face." Marlon spoke, trying to withhold his laughter. The dread head boy then started struggling to lick around his mouth, to get the stray chocolate.

Seeing enough of the innocent sight, Clem reached over to him. "Come here." She instructed. Before anyone could say anything, Clem leaned over and licked the chocolate straight off his nose. She had no shame with the display.

"Hmm, tastes like marshmallows." Clem said, like it never happened.

Marlon, Violet and Louis were left with zero thoughts on the situation. "That was kinda gross." Violet spoke up, sniggering awkwardly. It didn't take long for the boys face to turn hot red in colour from the exchange.

"Please not around me. That's my bro." Marlon cringed, not wanting to see the display his friends get up to.

Standing up from the table, Clem spoke "I need to go to the bathroom." Which a stranger witnessed her dismissal as her chance.


Soon after Clem went to the bathroom, Violet also followed her to go. Not long after that, a girl approached the table of two boys. She was a younger girl, around 20 years old. The red hair was the feature on her that stood out the most.

"Hey. I'm Alice." She introduced herself with a wave. The two boys shared a sideways glance, thinking the same thing.

"I'm Marlon, and this is my friend Louis." The blonde boy spoke. But the random girl didn't seem interested in his introductions, because her gaze never left Louis. The attention was starting to make him feel awkward, knowing it wasn't from his girlfriend.

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