XXI - Basorexia

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XXI - Basorexia

the overwhelming desire to kiss; a strong urge to kiss someone


Her heart was beating wildly inside her chest. She can't believe he told her that.

It has been 15 minutes since Noah went inside his bathroom. She was sitting on his bed while fidgeting the button up shirt that she was wearing. It smells just like him.

The door of the comfort room creaked open revealing a stiff Noah. He was looking everywhere but her. It was like he can't look at her. Wait a minute. Was he shy?

A soft giggle reached his ears. He looked at where the sound came from and found Jess giggling to herself. With all the dignity left in him, he approached her. He reminded himself not to be awkward around her, not after what happened. Why would he be awkward around her? It was normal right? He was her boyfriend. She was his girlfriend.

"Why are you laughing?" He sitted beside her.

"Are you shy?" She was still giggling.

His eyes widened at her question. "N-no. Why w-would I be? Ha. Ha." He wanted to just die. Even his laugh was awkward as hell.

"Okay. If you say so." She stopped laughing at him and stared at him while still smiling.

Why doesn't she feel awkward around him? After what happened? He didn't want to bring that up anymore. "Are you hungry?"

"That was by far the most romantic question you've ever asked. Yes, I'm hungry." It was his turn to laugh.

He picked her up despite her telling him that she could walk like a normal human being.

"I could walk you know." She put her arms around his neck.

"Not if I wanted you like this."

"Like what?"

"I'd carry you all the time as long as I have the strength to."

What is it with him and his habit of making her heart soar? She rested his face on his neck. He let out a hearty laugh. When she took a look at him, his eyes held mirth. She just knew as much as she was happy with him he was happy with her too.

He placed her into a stool in his kitchen counter. "You can cook?" She inquired when he started rummaging in his kitchen.

"Yeah." He said distractedly, opening the fridge to get some ingredients.

"I'm jealous. I can't."

"I guess that's one of the reasons why you shouldn't leave me." He approached her and kissed her forehead then proceeded to wear an apron and cut some vegetables. His back was facing her and it was instantly one of the sexiest things she saw. A guy cooking for you. That's sexy alright.

But as if she could ever leave him. "You could teach me."

"Some other time love. I want to take care of you today." He looked at her and smiled.

There it was again. His rare smile. But now that she thought of it, it wasn't so rare anymore. He would smile when she's with him.

The kitchen was quiet. He was busy cooking for them and she looked like a child sitting there, not doing anything. So she decided to tell him some random stuffs about her.

"You know before, even until now, my mother would scold me because I can't cook."

"She won't scold you anymore once she found out you have someone to cook for you."

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