Chapter 4: A Father's Love & Flashbacks (Edited)

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Previously, on 1 Month to Confession...

JOHN: (mockingly) Oh, I didn't realize that I bumped into you, Your Highness. But may you please excuse me? I'm kinda in a hurry right now.

ZEKE: (smugness in his voice) That will teach you not to talk back to me, you Cripple.

JOHN: Do you really think that just because you have more power than most people, they will respect you? Well, you are DEAD WRONG.

WILLIAM: So how's my son coping up here in this school?

KEENE: Well, in his first year here in Wellston, he was able to cope up well. Except for the fact that he asks us---the staff---to not tell the students about his ability & to treat him as a Cripple. So even if I don't always watch over him---especially since I need to watch over the school's security---I can already tell that he's often bullied a lot. However, these days, it seems like he's on the verge of exploding.

WILLIAM: Why do you have to pretend that you do not know me? Is it because someone might hear us? Like Keene, for example?

VAUGHN: (sipping his coffee) ... That's right. Besides, no one in this school knows yet that we know each other. And I would like to keep it that way for a while.

ATHENA: (assures) Will, don't worry. I'll make sure that nothing really bad happens to him.

[4:30 pm; Room 305 Girls' Dormitory...]

[Playing Bach Orchestral Suite No. 3 "Air on the G String"...]

<Elaine's POV>

I'm more worried of Seraphina. She's becoming more gloomy since last night. And while she returned here in the dorms 30 minutes ago, she just greeted me w/ a cold look. And even during classes, I noticed that she's been giving John a cold shoulder. She even went as far as ignoring his entire existence, or making excuses so as to not hang out w/ him. I wonder what happened to the two of them? If John hurts her in any way, whether powerful or not, he'll regret ever being her friend, I'll make sure of that. But, how can I even do that when he's extremely terrifying? He even went as far as hitting me so hard when I got mad at him for accusing him of what happened to Seraphina when she got stabbed by a knife [A/N: Refer to Rage Arc].

Curiosity got the best of me, I go to her room, only to find her lying on the bed while staring at the ceiling w/ a blank look on her face. Concern, I approach her. "Uhm, Seraphina? Are you alright?"

SERAPHINA: (facing me w/ a blank look) ... I'm fine.

(a little nervous) "It's---it's just that, I've noticed something's troubling you. Tell me, are you & John fighting? I've noticed how you avoided him a while ago."

I can see her flinch at what I said. Well, that pretty much answers a portion of my question. But why would they even fight though? The last time I checked, those two are extremely close to the point of being almost inseparable. Whenever one of them is in trouble or hurt, the other one rescues or comforts. Hesitantly, she answers my question w/ a pained look on her face.

SERAPHINA: (hesitant) ... Yeah. We did. He's---he's been lying to me the entire time. At first, I thought that he's being genuine, but... But after THAT incident, I realized that he's been keeping a huge secret from me. Why would he do that to me? (tears starts to fall down her eyes)

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