Part Nine

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When I wake up, I see I have a text from Liam.

Liam: Can't wait to see you tonight ;)

Me: I can't wait to see you. We literally live 10 minutes from each other and act like it's 10 days!

Liam: hahah right?

I go change into an old t-shirt and old jeans. My tee looked so raggedy and old. It was my painting and dying shirt. I run to the drug store down the block and get some blue hair dye. Luckily, my shift wasn't till one and I took off today to have dinner with Liam.

When I get home, I put a new HBomb video on in the background and get to work.


When I finish blow drying my hair, I see it came out great. I quickly change into a blush colored sweater and grab my messenger bag with my books rushing to my only class.


When I finished with my class, I went straight to Liam's. Going a little early couldn't hurt, right?

When I knocked, I heard Liam tell someone he'd be back.

"He-" Liam gasps when he sees me.

"What?!" I ask.

"You hair is beautiful," he says smiling.

"Oh my gosh you totally scared me," I say laughing. "And thanks."

He pecks me on the lips and I walk in.

"Hope you don't mind me coming early," I say.

"We don't mind at all!" a voice from Liam's computer says. It was awfully familiar....GRASER 10!!

"Graser?" I ask.

"Ha! And she is a fan! She's definitely a keeper!" he says.

"Wait...what? How do you know Graser?" I ask.

"Ahh you haven't told her yet," Graser groans in his mic.

"Hayley, I am a YouTuber called HBomb94 and I was hoping I could tell you more privately and at a better moment but-"

I let out a scream.

"I have to sit down," I say. "Holy crap...your H?"

"She's a fan of you too!" Graser hollers.

"Not now, robot!" I scream.

"Are you mad?" Liam asks.

"Mad?! Of course not! I'm just...I just can't believe I didn't put two and two together." I smile.

"So your okay with it?"

"Absolutely!" I exclaim.

"Well then, H owes me some minutes so if you excuse us," Graser interrupts.

"Go ahead," I say smiling. HBomb was literally the guy I liked IRL. Omg!

Liam smiles and kisses me before going back to record. I watch silently in the background.


We order a pizza for dinner because we are just so classy.

"I was wondering if you wanted to play Minecraft together sometime?" Liam asks.

"Sure. I'm HayleyHati by the way."

His jaw drops. "So your the girl who smoked me on SG."

"Mmhhm. At the time I thought you were someone completely different. If I knew it was you I probably would've let you win," I tease.

"Ha-ha," he says. I help clean up our mess and grab my bag.

"I had fun," I say hugging Liam.

"Me too," he says kissing me.



"Will you be my girlfriend?"


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