How @ Where He takes you out

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To his friends restaurant, He asked you when you were at his house playing video games with him.

To the beach, He asked you out when school was over.

To a cafe, He asked you out when you and him were outside drawing things you can find around.

To a picnic outside next to a tree, he asked you out when you were at the libary reading and he grabbed your hand kissing it like a gentleman and asked you out nicely.

To a restaurant also, He dropped you off at your house and asked if you wanted to go out with him.

I dont know what its called but its like those romanic boat rides, the couples❤ relax as a guy with a boat stick moves the boat. (First story tells how he asked you out oof)

He took you out to the movies. He called you and you dont remember giving him your number, he asked you out.

/weak but I didnt really wanted to write a whole freaking story\

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