Chapter 22

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Chapter Twenty-Two

"Blondie, wake up." A deep voice breaks through my mind, making me moan slightly, causing a chuckle to echo over m, ear.

"No." I whine, burying my face into my pillow more.

"You wanted to see the offices before we leave so there aren't too many people about, remember?"

"Changed my mind." I mutter, "it's your fault. You woke me twice."

"I woke you once, blondie. You woke me the second time." He muses, kissing my shoulder making me smile as I remember our activities last night. "Now get your ass up."

"Else what?"

"Else I'm going to have to shower alone and so will you." He taunts, biting down on my shoulder blade before he shuffles around, clearly climbing out of bed. Listening, I hear him walking across the wooden floor before the shower is turned on.

Giving him a second to making him think his taunting hadn't worked, I eventually stretch and lazily climbing out of bed before following him in, seeing a winners smile on his face on the other side of the glass door to the shower.

"Shut up." I mutter, stepping in beside him and letting him pull me under the water.

Later, I glance around the eerily quiet office building, realising I should have come when people were here.

"This is creepy." I admit when we step into the elevator. Mitch chuckles, swiping a staff card on the sensor under the floor number panel, making a number which hadn't lit up before light up. He presses that exact button, taking us to the top floor.

"No one's here. That's what the security guy is here for." He says, slipping his card back into his wallet.

"That's what makes it creepy." I mutter as the doors open again, revealing a dark room. "Even creepier."

I can practically hear Mitch roll his eyes, stepping out of the elevator, causing lights to turn on throughout the floor. Standing in surprise, I see it is a large space with several lines of what I'm guessing are receptionist desks lining the room, each facing their own office with glass walls separating them from the main space.

Glancing at the closest door, I see it's Miles's office, his name and position on the class beside the door.

"Fancy." I comment as I step in, glancing at the view before taking in the photos on the wall which show him and his brothers. It's a little untidy with the coffee table at the side of the room cluttered with stuff.

Mitch follows me around, not commenting as I go in and out of his brother's offices, pausing at Marc's when I see a photo of him and Jade on his desk, both of them smiling as he kisses her cheek, the sun shining behind them, illuminating them.

"Mike had a photo of him and Dani as well." I say, lifting it up.

"Marc says it's for when he's having a bad day." Mitch says from my side, his voice gentle as well.

"That's cute." I say, setting the frame down before glancing up at him. "Can I see yours now?"

He smiles, kissing me quickly before taking my hand and leading me out of the room and into the next office, which is tidy yet plain looking. It's set out the same as his brother's offices yet his desk is plain of anything personal. There are a few pictures of him and his brothers as well as him and Kathy on his bookcase, yet that's it.

"You need to personalise it Mitch." I tease, "Miles might have been messy but that gave it character at least."

"What do you suggest?" He asks, making me glance around again, moving over to his desk chair and sit down, spinning it slightly as I inspect the room.

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