After All This Time Pt. 1 (Dagur X Reader)

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After HTTYD 2

It had been months since Drago had attacked Berk and lost. The village was not only rebuilt, but improved immensely. You were in the hut you shared with your twin brother and chief, Hiccup Haddock III. Your mother lived there as well, and was in the process of stitching you a new woolen tunic.

You played with the necklace that hung around your throat. It was an accident charm that allowed you to turn into any dragon a will. You'd kept it sercret, too, not wanting anyone to try an take it. Vikings weren't exactly an honest people. Only one person knew of the necklace's power, and that was the one who was there when you found it.

"(Y/n)," Hiccup called for you as he entered the hut, "Dagur's on his way here to see our progress on Berk."

You immediately blushed. Dagur. It was no secret to your friends and family that you liked him. You'd liked him ever since he saved your and Hiccup's lives after Toothless was shot with a dragon root arrow (S3E1). In fact, it was on that island where you found your necklace, shimmering at the bottom of a crystal clear lake.

You smiled in memory as you recalled the first time you changed. It was a total accident, just minutes after putting on the necklace, you'd turned into a pink terrible terror. Dagur had promised to keep this a secret for you, even from your brother.

You raced to your room to get ready. After putting on a more flattering outfit of yours, you did your hair a little more delicately than usual. You walked over to your desk and smiled excitedly down at the letters that piled ontop of it. Letters from Dagur. The two of you had kept in touch since the fall of Krogan and Johan, writing at least once a week.

Your heart fluttered joyously. Both of your feelings for each other had grown so much in your time apart. You knew that seeing him today would be different from ever before. So you rushed out to the newly build dragon stables and awaited his arrival.

It wasn't long before you spotted the triple strike flying in. Sleuther landed at the far end of the stables, allowing Dagur off. When the Berserker chief saw you, he smiled wide, opening his arms, "(Y/n)!"

You walked over to meet him with a hug. "Dagur, it's good to see you again," you told him.

Still holding you in his arms, Dagur smiled and muttered back, "I'm so excited to finally get to talk in person again." He then let you go and placed a hand on your back as you both began to walk, "come on; we can catch up while you show me around the new and improved Berk!"

You blushed at the gentle touch of his hand on your back, smiling shyly down at your feet. Then, the tour began.

• • •

Dagur was hiding behind a barrel as he watched the twins argue in confusion. Before them stood two Barf's and Belch's. One of them was you, of course; it was one of your favorite things to do, to make the twins think their was a double of their dragon. You'd finished your tour with Dagur and wanted to show him what you did for fun.

"It's back?!" Tuffnut shouted, watching the two Barfs gas in each other's faces. He shook his sister violently and demanded, "quick, get Hiccup!"

But Ruff could run off, you flew away. Dagur could barely contain his laughter. You walked over to the twins in your human form just minutes later to find them in a fluster. Dagur also came out of his hiding spot to meet with you three. "What's the matter, Tuff?" You asked, trying to hold back your amusement.

"Barf and Belch! There's two of them!" Tuff yelled.

"Well, yeah," you agreeded with a shrug, "two heads; Barf, and Belch."

"No, that's not what we mean, (Y/n)!" Ruff argued.

You and Dagur left the twins to their ranting and walked to a quieter part of the island together. You almost fell over as you walked, but Dagur steadied you, "whoa, you okay?"

"Yeah," you assured him, sitting down in a grassy field, "just disoriented; two heads is not easy to come back from."

Dagur chuckled and sat beside you. He didn't even try to keep a distance, sitting right up against your side, putting an arm around your back. You blushed, but gladly accepted, leaning your head into his shoulder. "..I'm really glad you're here."

Smiling down at you, Dagur responded, "I am too, (Y/n)...I've missed you."

Suddenly, a voice came from behind them. "Woah, hey," Hiccup called, "I didn't think I'd need to supervise you two."

You jumped away from Dagur and glared at your approaching brother. "Oh come on, little brother," you teased him, "it's not like I try to supervise you and Astrid."

"Well, that's because I'm your chief," Hiccup retorted playfully.

"Well, I'm still older!" You shouted back.

Dagur couldn't help but laugh as the you and your brother bickered. But Hiccup eventually had to leave; Ruff and Tuff literally dragged him away to discuss the second Barf and Belch they'd been seeing. Once alone again, you curled back up against Dagur's side. And nothing more was said. Nothing needed to be. It was obvious enough that you both wanted to be together, and so it was spoken silently through your actions. And you couldn't have been any happier.

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