Chapter 35: Who?

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edited 10/05/19

"Why are we even in Australia?" Jinwoo asked no one in particular. Everyone's gathered in the living room, doing their own things but stopped when the girl asked the question.

"You don't remember?" Hyunjin asked his girlfriend, feeling his heart ache. His eyebrows are knitted together and his hand immediately reached for Jinwoo's.

"Not really..." Jinwoo muttered. "I'm Korean, right?"

"Of course you are!" Jeongin exclaimed, storming out of the living room after. He was playing on Seungmin's laptop before doing so.

"What's wrong with him?" Jinwoo huffed and snuggled herself beside Hyunjin. "I feel like we're supposed to be seven...or eight...I don't know?"

"Do you know a man named Junhyeok?" Woojin asked her, staring intently at her with dark, sorrowful eyes.


"Nevermind..." Woojin sighed and stand up from the couch. "Go to bed. We're going somewhere tomorrow." He left the room immediately, not even taking one last glance at Jinwoo.

"Goodnight..." Minho muttered and followed after Woojin. Apparently, they're now sharing a room. He didn't look at Jinwoo as well.

"What's my name?" Seungmin suddenly asked Jinwoo, leaning back on the couch. His face is blank and the female couldn't read his expression so she frowned.


The latter sighed and nodded his head then left the room without a word. Jinwoo's now utterly confused. She turns her head to face her boyfriend who just smiled weakly at her and planted a soft kiss on her forehead. "Let's go to bed."

Jinwoo just nodded. The couple got up-Hyunjin's hand is on his girlfriend's back, guiding her. He switched the lights off before they walked up the steps.

There's something in his eyes, a worried look-more like a terrified one. He's staring at Jinwoo's back and couldn't stop a tear from escaping his eye. He glanced at his girlfriend's left hand to see the ring that he gave her 5 months ago still placed on her finger. He smiled a bit to himself but that immediately faltered when he remembered what's going to happen.

The couple entered the room and Jinwoo immediately laid down, feeling exhaustion take over her. It was a busy day. They spent the whole day together– watching movies with food like normal human beings. It's weird to her how every single day should be productive according to the boys but she likes it though, she won't complain.

Hyunjin rested his back beside his girlfriend and turned to his side to place an arm over her stomach. He stares at his girlfriend's face– her eyes are already closed.

"I never want to leave your side..." Hyunjin whispered, not intending for Jinwoo to hear but she did.

"Love, what are you saying?" Jinwoo asked with a tired voice– her eyes still shut. "Pull me closer please."

Hyunjin did as he was told, he pulled his girlfriend closer to him– her face facing his chest. He kissed the top of her head, letting his lips linger for a moment until he decided to just breathe in her scent, the scent that he will miss.

"Are you a dog? Why are you sniffing me?" Jinwoo chuckled– sounding drunk. She adjusted her head a bit to become more comfortable.

"I'm a ghoul for your information."

"You're a what?"

Hyunjin's eyes widened and that was it. He let the tears stream down his face as he rested his chin on top of Jinwoo's head, trying his best not to let her hear him sniffle. He squeezed his eyes tight and bit his lip harshly, a tint of blood dripping down.



"I love you so much..." Jinwoo slurred which made Hyunjin's tears worse. He wanted to scream, he wanted to blame the world for everything and even the heavens but he doesn't want to ruin everything.

He can't let Jinwoo know.

Finally, her soft snores are audible. It calmed Hyunjin down a bit but still, his heart is aching. He wants to pull it out for the pain to stop but he shouldn't.

They now just have to wait. Wait for the anticipated to ruin their lives even more– except for one's.

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