Chapter 2-

Flash forward a couple months. I’m sitting. In a chair. Front row. At the One Direction sound check. I mean, this was pretty freaking amazing. It was so loud. Around me girls screamed and shouted while we waited for the boys to come out. In a daze my eyes swept over the stage, taking in all of the lighting and equipment.

“Sam!” The shrill voice of Nicolette made me wince. “Sam! I think they are coming out! Pull your skirt up!”

I grumbled my answer but she was not paying attention so I proceeded to pull my black skirt even lower towards my knees. The outfit did not make me uncomfortable really; it was just not my particular style. Nicolette had dressed me in a tight black skirt with an equally tight bright pink top with long sleeves. My hair was sticking to my face because of how hot it was.

As the screams grew louder I grew more annoyed. Finally after what seemed like a life time the boys came out on stage. Niall came out first followed by Louis, Zayn, Liam and finally Harry. And as I stared up at his beautiful smile I couldn’t help but feel like an idiot. Everyone was screaming or crying and I was just sitting there. As they began their songs I laughed and joked around with Nicolette but never really “fangirled” out in front of them. Like I said; I was not a huge obsessive fan.

During What Makes You Beautiful Harry caught my eye and I looked to see him staring at me. I could feel a slight grin start to pull across my face. His eyes glistened and he smiled as he sang the words straight at me. We watched each other the whole time. After the song he ran back over to my side of the stage and motioned for me to come over.

I didn’t quite grasp the fact he was looking at me until Nicolette pushed me forwards until my ribs crashed into the barrier. I could feel the girls swarm behind me, their shrieking echoing in my ears.

“Hi!” the green eyed boy said. “I’m Harry.”

“Hey, I’m Sam,” I screamed over the crying girls. I watched his lips move but heard nothing. A huge smile came over his face.

“What?” I yelled. Damn these crazy sex-driven females.

“I can’t hear you! Would you like to come back stage after the show?” I blinked. Suddenly Nicolette was at my side.

“She would love to!” I turned around to face her.

Was this real? Did Harry Styles just ask me to come back stage? Yes. Yes he did. Needless to say the rest of the night just went swimmingly.

I was handed a different VIP necklace and pushed into a maze of twist and turns until I was sitting on a chair alone. The concert was absolutely amazing and I was totally confident, but now sitting here waiting for the boys to come out I was a complete mess. What would I say? Will they like me? Will Harry like me? Questions floated through my mind until I heard the door open.

“Sam?” A bright voice shot through the air. I stood up to see Harry standing alone before me. He had change and was now wearing dark jeans and a ‘hipster’ t-shirt. I stood, suddenly feeling stupid in my outfit, and smiled.

“Yeah, it’s nice to meet you.” I say. His dimples show as he walks over to me, looking me up and down. I was somewhat annoyed with this. Yes, Harry Styles was a huge flirt and womanizer and maybe I had some high expectation that he would look at me and fall in love. I know, I’m crazy right? So right then I decided to throw any hope of a relationship out the window and just be friends.

“Would you like to get a tea?” he asked. Nodding my head I grabbed my bag and we headed out. It was a little weird to be with him alone, but I was still comfortable.

We walked to Starbucks and got something to drink. And it was surprisingly normal. I mean when you think of yourself walking down the street with Harry Styles you think running from screaming girls, but no. No screaming girls. No craziness. Just us. We laughed and joked around a bit before sitting down and talking.

“So you live in Columbus?” he asked.

“No, I’m from Brunswick actually. Came down here for my seventeenth birthday present.”

“Happy Birthday!” I smile as he cuts in.

“Thanks,” With a small giggle he put his elbows onto the table and bats his long eyelashes. “So tell me about yourself,”

I laugh and try to keep the coffee from squirting from my nose. “I have a brother and a sister, both younger, I’m a junior in High School. I love reading, running, dancing, singing and soccer. I also want to be a language arts teacher when I’m older.” I stopped suddenly. That last part was not supposed to come out.

“That’s great! Zayn wanted to be a teacher as well. I’m Harry and I’m in a band.” I smirked at his response. “What?” he asked.

“You’re so different.” I answer. Then hearing the question why, I reply “I’m not sure. I guess I was expecting some arrogant jerk who thinks he can bag any girl any time.”

His face seemed to darken for a second. I was afraid I hurt his feelings. “No, I understand. I’ll admit I’ve had my fair share of women, but I’m not always looking for someone to sleep with. I saw you and you intrigued me. You were different.”

“How so?” I say. His answer made me smile inside. He was sweet. As he talked I looked him over. His messy hair hung in his bright green eyes. His perfect white teeth flashed as he smiled. He was beautiful.

“I know it seems like rubbish, but seeing you so calm down there made me want to know you more.” His voice stopped. I nodded, only having heard half of what he had said. He yawned a bit. Glancing at my phone I gasped.

“It’s almost eleven!” I said a little loud, causing people to look. Harry grabbed my arm and walked me to the back hall away from everybody. “I should get going, I was supposed to be back at the hotel by eleven and now I’ll be late,” I explain hoping he will understand.

“Sure. Do you need a ride?” Gosh he was a gentleman.

“It’s only around the block, I can manage. Would you want to meet up again tomorrow?” As I waited for the answer some place deep down inside I was wishing he’d say yes.

“I can’t. We have to leave for Indiana tomorrow morning.” His voice was only a whisper. I looked at the ground disappointed. I cold finger lifted my chin up. “Hey, I’ll see you again.” I looked into the boys eyes and gave a half-hearted smile.

“If only you could.”

“Why shouldn’t I?” he said. Then in a flash he reached around into my bag and pulled out my phone. Watching with disbelief he entered his number into it. “Text me.” I did. “See, now I’ll be able to talk to you.”

A smile spread across my face. “Okay, but I’ll need a picture so when you call I can see you so I don’t forget.” I say slyly.

“Babe, you’ll never forget this face.” He smirked. I only rolled my eyes and snapped the photo. As I looked at it I couldn’t help but grin. His hair was a mess and he had both thumbs up with a cheeky grin on his face.
“Beautiful.” I exclaim.

“Yes you are.” He whispers. “Well I have to be getting back; you’re not the only one who is going to be in trouble.” He gathered me into a hug and we both went our separate ways, only turning back to wave. As I watched him go I couldn’t help but wonder what just happened. Even though I had promised to keep emotions out of this hopeful friendship, something was change. For once in my life I felt overwhelmed. 

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