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Personal Bio:

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Personal Bio:

Hello! I'm Guardian, or GE if it is easier.

(Please don't call me Amelia, as it's my Pen Name and confuses me xD)I am an artist of everything. I draw, write, sculpt, sew, crayons, whatever. Mostly I write and sew plushies, but I'm a jack of all trades! I speak Japanese enough to get around if you leave me in Japan alone, and I also speak Spanish when I feel like remembering it. As such, I am very excited about language in general!

That being said, I am like 100% the biggest grammar nazi you will ever meet. I'm not rude, promise, but I will point out EVERY grammar mistake you ever make. I'm nice, and explain why, and how you can easily fix said issues, so not to fret!

I specialize in grammar, sentence variation, flow of progression when reading, and other technical aspects of writing. So if you need help with the mechanics, I'm your man! xD

I also write a lot of fantasy of all genres, adventure stories, and I'm really good at expressing multiple POV's of different ages, genders, and social backgrounds. I'm great with adding character depth, emotion, and a realistic appeal to their personalities. As such, I excel in helping with developing characters and fleshing them out so people will want to read about them.

That being said, I will tell you if your characters come off as unrealistic, off-putting, or boring, but also why I feel they are. I actually really like helping writers, so I'm not a sugar coating reviewer, if that's what you're looking for. I will flat out tell you what I think and WHY. I'm not harsh or mean, just practical. There are a lot of writers, and if you want to stick out among them, you have to add some oomph to your characters and writing!

I'm an honest reviewer, but also will become emotionally invested in your characters if I follow your story. I like to see them struggle, persevere, and rise to the challenge of the plot you present! I want them to jump out of the pages, and capture attention so that readers just can't stop. :3

Preferred Genres/Genres they have experience with:

I write and read anything fantasy, vampires, werewolves, magic, dragons, all of that. That's my jam, but I'm a sucker for emotionally jerking books :heart:

Romance(With a fantasy base):
I am actually very good at helping out with Romance stories, and books with relationships in general, romantic or not.

Dark Stories:
As I'm great with characters, I enjoy a good book about soulless assassins, and flat out deadly conflict every other second.

Non-Preferred Genre:

I will not read plain romance, or high school stories.
I can't stand romance books where it's just a guy and a girl and they fall for each other. Same with kids going to high school and liking some guy or struggling against some mean girls.
There are too many of them, and my eyes melt out of my skull.
That's not to say I won't read your book if your characters are IN high school. That's fine, as long as someone breathes fire, or gets kidnapped by a goblin. If a dragon lands on the roof, I'm game.
I also enjoy romance, as long as someone turns into a puppy on the full moon, etc.

Relevant editing experience or previous beta experience:

I am currently a Rebel Legend, with the Rebel Elite book club.
I also just finished my Associates degree and I'm heading off for my Bachelors!
All I do is write. Literally, my free time is writing or editing. I sometimes just sit down and edit dozens of pages and that's FUN to me. I've also been writing for a looooong time. I still have floppies with my books on them, I kid you not.
As a trilingual language buff, I have a better understanding of English as a result!

Realistic amount of time, chapters or words that can be completed per week:

I will start off with 1 to 2 chapters per week.
I do work full time as a seamstress, so I also spend long hours doing that. If I really like your book, I might read more, but we'll have to see.

Preference for communication (Wattpad, Slack, WhatsApp, etc):

Wattpad is preferred, though their messaging function is the most wonky piece of garbage I have ever had the displeasure of working with. Like messages are sent and then disappear until I reload my phone 50 times or open the browser on my laptop

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