Part Eight

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I wake up in Liam's arms. Smiling, I carefully get off the couch and look at the clock. 10 AM. I hear a groan behind me.

"Good morning," I say.

"Hey," Liam says.

"I am going to walk home and shower and all. See ya later?" I ask.

"Don't goooo," he whines hugging me.

"I have too," I complain back. "I have work later."

"But it's Sunday..." he says.

"Work Sundays and get Fridays off!" I exclaim. I kiss his nose and walk out the door.

"See ya later," he calls.

I go home and take a shower. I put on a long sleeve green shirt with dark skinny jeans. I put on some grey Uggs and put my hair in a matching beanie. Taking out my irritating contacts, I put on my black glasses. I noticed my pink hair was fading. Time for a change soon. Maybe blue?

I see I have a few hours left before work so I go and play some MCSG. I was totally fangirling when I saw that HBomb was in the same game. But I just played it cool.

I had gotten full iron and an iron sword. Also, I had gotten three kills. I was doing pretty good. When deathmatch started it was H, me, and some Steve in leather armor. H runs and kills the Steve.

HBomb94: Prepare to die!!

HayleyHati: Don't be to quick to judge! ;)

I was kinda embarrassed by my username. Before my little brother was influenced by my family to hate me, he couldn't say Hayley so he said Hati. I thought it was cute, but....

HBomb84: Ooo you're a spicy one...

HayleyHati: :P

I quickly attacked and killed him.

HayleyHati: One heart!!

HBomb94: Dang it!

I laughed and logged off. I looked at the time. I hurried out the door so I wouldn't be late.


When I got home that night, I saw that H had been recording when we played and I totally started fangirling for the second time today. I texted Liam just chatting when I told him good night and went back to bed. Tomorrow we were going to have dinner at his place. I couldn't wait.

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