Part 1: The start of the pain

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~Your POV~

You awoke as the sun's flares broke through your blinds at Beacon Academy. You sat up, yawned, and looked at your team still sleeping. You got up and started getting ready. Today was a big day, THE Friday. It was the day that you and your girlfriend had fancy dinner reservations. You remember begging with your parents asking them to buy it for you, since you didn't have the Lien to make it happen.

You threw on your clothes and exited the dorm room, closing the door slowly as to not wake up your teammates. As you walked to your girlfriends dorm, you felt someone watching you. You turned around and saw some of your best friends. Team RWBY approached you as you stopped to let them catch up.

Yang: "Hey (F/N), awfully chipper mood you're in today."

You: "Yep! I've been planning this day for a while! Sasha and I have this whole amazing day planned! First we're gonna go to Oum's Diner, catch the new Tired Shack horror flick and then.." You trailed off as you blushed, thinking you went too far into detail.

Blake: "Awfully packed day, especially the ending."

Ruby: "I don't get it? And then what?" She asked eagerly. You ignored Ruby as you continued.

You: "I know, I wanted to make it special. She's been pestering me for months now, but I just wanted to make sure I really did love her before we ended up in that situation." You purposely changed the wording as to not ruin Ruby.

Ruby: "In what situation?!"

Weiss: "Well, I'm glad that you're treating her to such a nice night. Every girl deserves to eat at Oum's at least once in their life."

Ruby: "Guys, come on, what situation?" You all looked to her and laughed as you continued through the halls. She looked annoyed, but it soon faded.

You continued walking and conversing, asking eachother how your day went. You all were approaching your girlfriends dorm as you all heard some talking. Usually Sasha is only up this early, it's surprising to hear her teammates up with her. As you approached, what you thought was talking became much more clear as sounds of pleasure. You got a pit in your stomach as you approached the door. You noticed it was slightly open. You look back to Team RWBY, all but Ruby with worried looks on their faces. You slowly opened the door as you saw Sasha in a position you thought only you'd see her in. She was with her teammates Meissen and Jax. They were both doing unspeakable things to her. You peered in as you saw the fourth teammate join in. Tears fled to your eyes as you punched the wall. This shook the room, but no one inside seemed to care.

You were in shock. You stepped away from the door, and ran. You heard Team RWBY shuffle around behind you, trying to come talk to you. You just ignored them as they tried asking you what happened. You closed your eyes trying to hide your tears, but they started streaming down your face. As they did, you wiped them away and turned to your friends.

Yang: "What happened? What did you see?"

Blake: "Is everything alright??"

You: "N-nothing, I just.." You sigh deeply. "I just need some food. Hungry is all."

You all walked to the mess hall, where you all got food and sat down next to Team JNPR, not soon after your team joined you. Your best friend since you were kids, Garius Cosades. He was 6'3, like you, and looked similar to you, but had dark brown hair, and green eyes. Your other two teammates followed him, sitting next to JNPR, Omi Oda, a short, quiet girl with shoulder length black hair and deep brown eyes. Charol Reix, a tall girl with hair similar to yours, but it went down to her waste. She had light yellow eyes with hits of blue in them.

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