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This is the day! So I'm gonna start pursuing Jennie. Well i really don't know what to di since I'm inexperience. I woke up four in the morning just to think of something.

How can I start the day right?  Am I over thinking?  Well really I don't know. I took a hot shower and fix myself before going down...  Wait!  Mina. Right i can ask her.

I sneakily went to Mina's room,  the time is 4:50, well maybe I'll knock at five.

I just sit there outside her door thinking for a good excuse?  Really I'm not myself.

*knock* " Mina? "

" Just a minute " she replied from the inside.

" What is it? " she ask with a frown.

" Uh...  See the thing is...  "

" straight to the point Lalisa " she's in a bad start I guess?

" How can I make Jennie happy this morning? " I ask shyly.

" That's it? Just exist Lisa,  that's the only thing you need to do! Thank you. " she's about to close the door but I stop her.

" Please,  today is the day that I'm courting her, for real " she looked surprised.

" Did I miss sonething? " she opened the door widely. 

" Well not much.  Come on I need your help "

" Fine. How about breakfast in bed since it's still early,  you can prepare it in no time "

" No.  I— its. I can't "

" Can't what?  Cook?  It's not that bad Lis,  we still have, 45 minutes to prepare everything. Don't worry I'll help you "

40 minutes Later

I'm so gonna kill you!  All you have to do is to put that garlic "

" I'm trying!  Hush now. " can't she see I'm doing my best here?

" Look Lisa,  for the fourth time. Just put that garlic there,  stir it and add the rice. And please don't burn it this time! " okay now she's pissed.

" I told you, I don't cook! "

" Well you didn't tell me you burn! "

" Well— "

" I hate to curse but shit Lisa!  You burned it again! Can you please shut up and focus on cooking.  I can't take it " I look at her boredly and took off my apron when suddenly...

" What's that smell? " I froze in my tracks.  Damn it,  she's awake already?

" Finally Jen— "

" Mina burned the garlic " I said it.

" Sure she did " Jennie said smiling.
I look at Mina who's throwing deadly glares at me and left.

" So what are you cooking? "  I like her look. Messy hair,  pinkish cheeks and wait,  no eyes.

She make her way towards me.

" Are you not talking to me now? " I snapped back to reality.

" Oh. Well— I.  Good morning Jen " I said and bow to her.

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