Chapter 9

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False friendship, like the ivy, decays and ruins the walls it embraces; but true friendship gives new life and animation to the object it supports. -- Richard Burton

Friendship is the complete explanation of what a Cheetah Girl is - if you have that true friendship, you can conquer anything you want. --Sabrina Bryan

Sean's P.O.V. 

Nothing will ever amount to the anger that was burning deep within me. How could Serenity's own father have the nerve to slap her with no sign of hesitation. He has no right to be called a father if he is only going to be picking sides. That Fiona girl really is a piece of work. It's at my best interest to keep an eye on her. Girl's like that will only cause trouble in the future. Better to be safe than sorry like my mother always say. I carried Serenity who had passed out in my arms back to my car taking her back home with me so that she will be safer. I can't have anything happening to her even by her own family.

"Darren, I need a favor from you. I need you to keep an eye on that Fiona girl and report back to me anything."

"Understood." Was all Darren said before taking his leave to get everything done. Right now, it's just me and Melody. She was watching Serenity carefully.

"Your name is Melody correct?"

Melody took her sight of Serenity giving me her full attention.

"That's right. Something you like to ask alpha?"

Ah. So, she does know I'm an alpha.

"Yes. I like to know how a mermaid such as yourself became friends with Serenity."

It's almost very rare for mermaids to become friends with normal humans in this day. I can even tell that Melody isn't your normal type of mermaid either. She's powerful. Almost as strong as Darren my beta. I believe Darren has no clue his mate is a mermaid since she's covered her sent very well. Only alphas can make out another supernatural being.

"Serenity saved my life long ago. Even if she doesn't remember that day. I swore to protect her."

Saved her? I would like to know more on the subjected but right now my top priority is getting my mate to safety. I had Melody tag along because I didn't want Serenity to wake up alone in an unfamiliar place without her best friend with her. The slap she received from her good for nothing dad is starting to swell up. I'm sorry I didn't make it in time faster. If I had made it on time that slap would not have happened.

"Mind telling me how Serenity saved you?" I asked Melody starting the car driving out of the parking lot.

"It happened when we were just kids. I was waiting for Serenity to come and meet me in the woods where there I had my secret base. It was a waterfall connected to a big pond. That place is always where my mother taught me how to change into my mermaid form. Serenity was taking her sweet ass time so I decided to take a swim. I changed and that's when I hear a gun-fire go off. A hunter saw me and tried to kill me. I tried to fight him off as hard as I can but I was still young and my powers were still unstable. I didn't know what to do. The hunter got me out of the water by my hair and aimed the gun at my head. At that very moment, I knew I was going to die."

Oh shit. I was not expecting this. I nodded for Melody to continue on.

"I closed my eyes waiting for it to be over till I hear Serenity scream out my name. The look on her face was filled with shock not from only seeing me in my mermaid form but how I was about to be killed. Serenity threw a big rock at the hunter's face making him drop me and the gun. Serenity rushed over to my side pulling me away from the hunter as fast as she could. Once She got me to safety the hunter pulled out a knife when reaching back for his gun. Serenity was fast grabbing the gun in no time aiming it at the hunter. I could see the adrenalin pushing Serenity to fight back. Without wasting any time, the hunter charged at her. He tackled her to the ground trying to get his gun back but Serenity was not backing down. She knew if she messed up, we both would be dead. Serenity aimed the gun to the hunter's face and pulled the trigger. Everything was silent. The smell of blood filled the air. There lied the hunter dead with a hole in his head. The shock of killing someone caused Serenity to pass out. I changed back carrying Serenity back to my place where I explained to my parents what happen. When Serenity came to, she had forgotten everything that happened. Mom says its due to the shock that made her forget. At that point on I made a vow to always protect Serenity just like how she protected me."

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