Chapter 59

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From a distance, the King was still struggling fiercely against his Delta. Finally released from the strong hold, Ezekiel scrambled to his feet, in an attempt to get back to his mate. Immediately, the back of his head was met with a large tree branch. 

Standing over him, the Delta's chest was heaving. "You can't go back! She entrusted me to keep you safe! I won't let her last order to me go in vain!" 

Sitting back on his knees, the King glared at his Delta. "I will not just leave her there! I will not allow her to be a sacrifice!" 

Softening his tone, Angus dropped the branch from his hands. "Regardless of what you may think, it was not our choice to make. She did this for us. For the good of our kingdom, to keep us safe. Aylin knew exactly what she was sacrificing." 

Narrowing his eyes, Ezekiel stood to his feet. "What did she say to you?" 

Sighing deeply, Angus couldn't keep her last words a secret from his King. "She asked me to look after you. Told me that she was sorry for having to make such a decision without you. She wanted me to tell you that she loved you, and she hopes you can forgive her for the life of your pup." The more Angus spoke, the more he could see tears welling up in Ezekiel's eyes. "Aylin wanted me to tell you that the days she spent with you were the best of her life." 

Almost on cue at the end of Angus speaking, a huge white light engulfed most of the area, including where the men were. Hitting the ground roughly, the men were knocked off their feet. The intensity of the light made their bodies feel heavy. 

After a few moments, the light vanished. Adjusting their eyes again, they looked toward where it came from. 

Not missing a beat, the King took off in that direction. 

"Your Majesty!" Angus called after Ezekiel.

Bolting through the trees, the only thing the King could hear was his heartbeat in his ears. The worst case scenario kept replaying itself in his head. All he could think was that he would lose the one person who gave his life any meaning. Every single word she uttered to Angus was looping around him. Ezekiel's heart was pounding a million beats a minute. From the time the light cleared, he hadn't been able to feel his mate. 

Coming to the clearing, the only remaining part of Zagan was black dust littered on the ground. There was no sign that he had even been there. In doing what she did, Aylin obliterated the Higher Demon. 

Tearing his gaze away, the lifeless body of his mate almost made his heart stop. Kneeling down next to Aylin, she looked peaceful. There was no sign that she suffered. Putting his ear over her heart, there was no sound. "Aylin! Aylin! Please wake up!" he begged, shaking her shoulders. 

To no avail, tears streamed from his eyes as he clutched the woman close to his chest. "This wasn't supposed to be! We were supposed to live together, always! Come back to me, Aylin!" The king's voice permeated the air, as though he was waiting for someone to answer. There was nothing around him, except the charred remains of the forest and the Higher Demon himself. 

Smoothing the hair away from her pale face, the King weeped for his deep loss. In his mind, he suffered the same fate of his father when his mother passed away. After all his promises to keep her safe, he was completely powerless. 

"All is not lost, Rogue King." A melodic voice came from nowhere. But, he could barely focus on who it was. A gentle hand tipped his chin up. "Aylin sacrificed her life to save you and others. I would be remiss if I didn't help her in exchange." 

"W-who are you?" His eyes widened at the ethereal looking woman before him. Her flowing hair, golden eyes, and beautiful dress caught him off guard. 

"I am the Moon Goddess, Rogue King. And, in return for Aylin's sacrifice, I will give her back to you, but I will not be able to return the life of your unborn child." 

Prostrating himself before the Goddess, Ezekiel begged. "Please, do what you can. I-I need her!" 

With a small smile, she placed her delicate hand on his broad shoulder. Raising his head, a glimmer of hope bloomed in his heart seeing the kindness in her eyes. 

Moving toward Aylin's body, the Goddess raised her hands up, eyes closed when a bright light consumed all three of them. It was as if all the worry and concerns they had melted away with this all-consuming, beautiful, and uplifting light. 

In the distance, Angus watched another light overpower a much larger space than before. This time he felt at peace. Before his eyes, the injured Beta suddenly regained the color in his face, and opened his eyes. 


Pinching the bridge of his nose, the Beta pumped his fists a few times. "What the hell happened?" 

"You don't remember?"

"Only bits and pieces," he said.

Shifting his focus to the severely injured Alpha, he could see the color return to his cheeks, but his breathing was still slow, and his eyes weren't open. Leaning down, his heartbeat was more present than previously. 

Jolting to his feet, Quill looked around anxiously for his brother and Aylin. "Where are the King and Queen?"

Dropping his gaze, he was unsure of how to respond. "The Queen is..."

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