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*Stella POV*

I laid still in the single bed not able making any move, I won't be surprised if something's broken. I was in so much pain. It's been 4 days since I was kidnapped and the last time I ate was yesterday morning when Calvin decided to use his brain and gave me food and water.

Calvin would come and beat me over and over again.

I turned to the window in the corner of the room when I heard noises. I slowly made my way towards the window and saw group of teenagers right across the street.

"H-help" my voice came out raspy and hoarse. As I banged on the window then the door threw open and revealed angry Calvin.

"Trying to find help and get away from me now?" he grumbled, he yanked my arm up and threw me harshly on the bed.

"S-s-stop!" as he climbed on top of me. I tried to push him away but I was too weak and he was too strong.

"You haven't learned anything" he said as he unbuckled his belt

"Stop!" I raised my voice

"Shhhh don't worry baby, I'll make you feel good" he whispered then he buried his face on to my neck.

Maybe, it's over. I'll never ever be able to get out of this place.

*Justin POV*

I was a wreck, it's been four days and the cops still haven't found ANYTHING. Thomas and Stephanie were a wreck as well, Stephanie hadn't stopped crying since then.

I felt bad for them because they just lost their only daughter.

Then my phone rang, it was Melanie. What was she doing? I answered the call

"I don't know if this helps or not but I was bored and when I clicked the button track on Logan's laptop, it showed me a location" she said, I sat up on my bed

"Where is it?" I asked

"Just come over, I called Logan already"

"I'll be there in 10" I told her then hung up the phone, I pulled on a white plain t-shirt and sprinted out my room and down the stairs.

"Where are you going, Justin?" Stephanie asked, her voice was raspy and hoarse from all the crying.

"Melanie tracked Ella's phone" I told her and her eyes lit up a little.

"Can I come?" she asked, I gave her a weak smile and nodded, she stood up and we drove off to Melanie's house.

"Justin" Stephanie spoke


"I can't thank you enough for everything, you've worked so hard to find Stella and I don't know how to thank you for that" she said, I turned to her and gave her a weak smile,

"I'll do anything I can to find her" I told her as I parked my car in front of Melanie's house. We both got in and Logan was already there calling someone. I sat down next to Melanie and took the laptop, I stared at the laptop and it was in the middle of a wood.


"Okay thank you" Logan said then hung up the phone

"Who's that?" Stephanie asked

"I booked two flights to Canada, Justin and I are going." Logan said, I turned to look at him. Canada? It's in Canada.

"No! You can't leave! What if you get hurt-"

"Mom, we'll be alright" Logan told his mom reasuringly


We arrived in Canada and went straight to the place of course with 3 cops following us, just in case something bad happened.

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