He hits you and your pregnant.

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Harry: You had just found out you were pregnant this morning. Harry was already off to the studio, and you didn’t feel like this was the type of thing to tell him over the phone. So, you were waiting in the bedroom, he should be home soon. You left the pregnancy test that said “+” on it, with a big bow on it, and left it on the table in the kitchen. Hoping he would see it. When you heard the door open, you were quite nervous. You and Harry had been arguing lately so, you didn’t know how he would take it.  You heard the door shut. You got up to go meet him at the door. “Hey Haz!” You said, he pushed you out of the way. You were aggravated, but attempted again by stepping in front of him. “Harry, i have something to tell you!” His eyes were dark. “I don’t care, get out of my way. Jeez.” He pushed you again, a little harder and you slipped and fell. He seemed to still not care. He went and sat on the couch. You ran to your room and quickly packed an overnight bag. Harry still didn’t let up. You made sure to stop in the kitchen, pick up the test and bring it into the living room. Harry didn’t look up at you, just kept his eyes focused on his IPhone. “Hey Harry, maybe you’ll think twice about being a dickhead next time!” You said, getting less angry by the end of the sentence, and starting to cry as you tossed the test into his lap. He picked it up and tryed to hug you. “No Harry, call me when you want to be a good boyfriend. Or should i say dad?” You said as you walked out of the flat and ran to your car. Leaving. You slammed the door, or atleast you thought you did. It didn’t shut, you knew Harry was behind you, but you continued to your car. ‘Damnit i forgot my keys’ youo mumbled to yourself. You were going to attempt to walk past Harry, back inside, and then back to your car. You took a deep breath, and started back for the door. You kept your face turned to the ground, and your eyes shut. You felt him grab your shoulders, and force you to look at him. “(y/n) please, please just talk to me. I’m sorry, it was a rough day, and i know, it’s no excuse, everyone makes a mistake, please forgive me for this one.” he started to tear up, even let one slip down his cheek. You took your thumb and wiped it away. You were at a loss for words, you felt terrible, when you really shouldn’t, he should. “Please forgive me.” is all he said before he crashed his lips onto yours. You pulled away, “It’s fine. Really” He then picked you up, and spun you around. “Thankyou so much babe, honestly. It will never happen again.” you giggled. “So, you’re really pregnant?” he asked. “Yeah, i kinda took a test this morning.” He kissed you longingly. “I’m so happy (y/n), i really can’t wait. I love you.” He kissed you softly. “I love you too Hazz.”

 Niall: You and Niall were in the middle of an argument. You found out you were about 2 weeks pregnant earlier, so you decided to ask Niall what he thought about all of it. He made a few smart remarks, so you came back with “Well, maybe you would be a good father, but all you do is drink and your never home anyways.” You could tell that really was his last straw. You opened your mouth to say something, when you felt his hand go across our face. “Ni-Niall? How could you?” “I-i. I’m sorry princess.” You ran past him and into the bathroom. “Niall, how could you do this to your pregnant girlfriend? Huh? How could you?” You said against the door. Your eyes were filled with tears, more and more filling them up as others fell. If Niall wanted to father this baby, then he had to stop his bullshit. This was unacceptable. “Pr-pregnant?” he asked, still attempting to open the door. “Y-yes Ni-all.” you stuttered out. “I’m pregna-nant.” You could practically hear the astonishment on his voice as he breathed heavily. You sat in the bathroom, your tears finally stopped falling. Niall stopped trying a few minutes ago, or you thought. You heard footsteps coming closer and closer to the door. Some messing around with the doorknob, and like that Niall was in the bathroom with you. He stared at your tear stained face a bit. You looked away from him. “(y/n), i’m so sorry. I-i don’t know what came over me, i didn’t mean too, it was just heat of the moment, and i’m sorry princess.” he said, running his fingers through his blonde locks. You inhaled deeply, and stood up to catch his gaze. “Promise to never do that again?” You said, as he felt relief all over his body. “Never, ever will i ever do that again babe. I promise.” He then embraced you in a tight hug. “Nialler, you’re killing me!” you said, as he loosened up. “Oh, yeah. Wouldn’t want to hurt that bun in the oven.” he smirked. “So, are you honestly pregnant?” you nodded as he pulled you in again, and kissed your forehead. “this is amazing love.”