40: Carnival

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"I am never doing that shit again," Scott mumbled, grabbing the edge of a nearby table as I rolled my eyes.
"It was a carnival ride, Scott; you act as if you went to space,"
"It's death!" He replied, "we could have died!"
"On a Ferris wheel? Babe, I'm pregnant and you were more worried than I was,"
He rolled his eyes, "never again,"
"Don't be a baby," I teased, chuckling and earning a 'fuck you' as he rubbed his eyes. "Come on, Princess, let's head home." I wrapped my hand around his arm and led him down the pier, only to have him turn and pull me towards a nearby game.
"We did something you wanted to do, now it's my turn." He handed money to the worker and picked up the ball and took a step back.
I shook my head and watched as he knocked down all of the pins, earning a stuffed elephant that was actually kind of adorable.
"For you, my love," I smiled and thanked him with a kiss, hugging the stuffed toy close. "Well, for the night, at least. Wesley's probably going to take it,"
I nodded, leaning into his side as he wrapped his arm around me. We decided to stop at a mini-pier carnival that was in town and ended up spending more time here than we thought we would.
Scott normally hated this type of stuff, so him agreeing to come definitely surprised me.
His hand was interlocked with mine as I wrapped my other hand around his arm. We made our way from the carnival and back to the car as we talked, ate the snacks we bought, and admired the ocean nearby.
"We should do date nights more often," I started when Scott sat in the driver's side of the car, earning a nod as he ran his hand through his hair. "That was so much fun,"
"It really was. How're you feeling? Does anything hurt?"
"Just my back," I admitted, "but I'll be fine. Do you want to go shopping tomorrow after class? I want to buy a few more things for the baby before she comes,"
"Sure; what happens when it's time for her to come out of you?"
I rolled my eyes at his phrasing. "Well I'm having her by c-section, so we go a few days before her due date to have the procedure,"
He scrunched his face up, "Ow.. does it hurt?"
I shook my head, "they numb you up before they cut open your stomach,"
"That's.. kind of grousome."
"Well I don't have a vagina, how else am I supposed to have a baby?"
"Wait, you don't?! What the hell!" He yelped and I laughed. "No homo, bro!"
I rolled my eyes, "too late."
"Oh well," he chuckled and rested his hand on mine, our fingers interlocking. "What happens when it's time for the baby?"
"We just go to the hospital and I get a room, and a few hours later, the baby will be out and that's about it."
"That simple?"
"I mean, there's more to it, but that's the basics. Wesley took a little longer to come out because he was so big, but I don't think Arden will be that w-" I gasped when I felt her kick my stomach. Scott instantly looked over and frowned and maybe it was the parent in me, but I quickly shook off the pain and assured Scott that I was fine.
"You sure?"
I nodded, shifting in my seat and silently begging the baby to stop playing soccer with my insides. "Yeah, she just kicked me," I sighed and leaning back against the seat. "I'm fine, don't worry."


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