Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

Stephanie's POV

"Do you have all your thing packed?" I ask Cassy as I walk into her room. She points to the suitcases in the corner of her room without looking up from her phone and I nod my head in approval.

"What day are we leaving again?" She asks as she stares at her phone. She's probably waiting for a text from Nathan. I know I'm right because a few seconds later, her phone buzzes, and her face lights up when she sees who it's from.

I let out a sigh and look away. Sometimes I hate being around the two of them because I get so jealous of their relationship.

They're so good for each other. They make each other happy an they bring out the best in each other. They do all that couple stuff that's sweet, but gets annoying really easily.

They're always finishing each others sentences, or telling each other to be the first one to hang up over the phone.

I know they're not trying to be annoying, but after a while, you get kind of sick of that stuff. I hate being the third wheel

I guess I should be thankful though since they both try to include me into activities since I don't really hang out with anyone else.

You could always hang out with Cole.

I roll my eyes as my mind drifts back to Cole like it usually does. I can't stop thinking about him, and that's a problem because I also can't stop thinking about Daniel. I'm so confused on my feelings towards both of them, so I've been trying to avoid them. That's not going to work for too long though since they're going to be going to the beach house too.

I'm really worried about this trip because of that reason. All I wanted was to relax after a stressful senior year, but I, of course, had to get caught up in boy drama.

"Hey Steph, is everything ok? You've been standing in that spot and staring blankly at the wall for the past few minutes and you never answered my question," Cassy says, breaking me away from my thoughts. Her phone is laying at her side and she has a small frown on her face. I give her a forced smile and I go and sit next to her.

"We're leaving on Thursday." Today is Monday, so that gives everyone more than enough time to do last minute packing. We all decided to just take one car there, especially since I'm the only one who knows how to get there. Cassy has been there a few times, but she usually sleeps on the car ride there.

"Ok, that gives me a few days to spend with my family before we have to go," she says. I nod at her and watch as she continues to text Nathan.

"How are things going with you and Nathan?" I decide to move onto an easy topic to try and distract myself from my little dilemma. I watch as her eyes light up again, and I have to push down the jealousy that I start to feel.

"Nathan is honestly the best boyfriend ever. He's so sweet and caring. He does cute and silly things randomly just to make me smile and he's just so adorable," she gushes with a bright smile. I'm happy for her, I really am. She definitely deserves this, so I'm glad Nathan finally pulled through and become himself again. I just wish I could find someone like that so I could be happy too.

"That's great to hear. Is he excited for this trip?"

"Yeah, he's really excited about the trip. Since your beach house is in Kissimmee, Florida, we're planning a trip to Disney! I never knew that Disney was close to Kissimmee, but Nathan did some research, so we'll be going there for a few days!"

"Really? That sounds awesome! I hope you guys have fun!" I say with as much enthusiasm as I can. I can't believe my friends are going to ditch me to go to Disney! Cassy lets out a laugh and rolls her eyes.

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