Chapter 15

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Chapter Fifteen

"I'm here, your lives just got instantly better!" A deep voice calls out before my apartment door bangs closed. I let out a laugh, pushing myself to sit up slightly from being slouched against Mitch on the sofa, both of us squeezed into the end of the sofa to accommodate everyone. Jamie and Blair had arrived an hour ago, Cammy thirty minutes ago and Dean and Kasey had shown up at lunchtime.

Wakening this morning, I couldn't help but notice the smile that appeared on Mitch's face the moment he woke up, pulling me closer, both of us staying in bed for a few hours before we got hungry. He had surprised me by making some breakfast for us, telling me to stay in bed when he disappeared, coming back with toast, eggs, bacon and coffee. We had breakfast in bed before showering together and making our way to the sofa where we have pretty much been for the rest of the day, cuddled together.

Now, I glance towards the hall to see Trevor come barging in, his arms spread wide in a grand gesture, a massive smile in his face. His hair is slightly tousled and his handsome face is a little tired looking.

"What, no clap, no cheers, not even measly hug?" He demands, making me laugh as I stand and dramatically hold my arms out for a hug, getting him to laugh as he wraps his arms around me and lifts me off my feet, shaking me. "I'd have preferred a clap."

I laugh as I am set down again before I slap his arm, making him scowl at me. "Oh, sorry, I thought you said slap."

"Is that any way to treat your best friend?" He demands teasingly.

"Her best friend is over here," Cammy calls before she appears beside me, smiling at Trevor. Trevor laughs and wraps an arm around her shoulders, turning them both towards me.

"Well, Skypie, break it to her gently." Trevor encourages, giving Cammy a sympathetic look. "You'll get through this, Cambam,"

"I'm sick of hearing those nicknames already," Dean mutters, getting Trevor to turn to him.

"Aww, is little Deanbean feeling left out?" He teases, getting Dean to scowl at him, yet I see laughter in his eyes.

"Are you drunk?" Blair asks, getting Trevor to smile at her.

"Nope, just happy to be back. There are only so many times you can listen to people call fries 'chips'." Trevor says, making us laugh before he glances at Jamie and Mitch.

"Trevor, that's Mitch and Jamie. Guys, this is Trevor." I introduce, pointing between the three of them, watching Jamie and Mitch stand at the same time and move over to us. I smile as Jamie holds his hand out first, getting Trevor to smile and shake it before he turns to Mitch and shakes his hand, both studying each other assentingly.

"Well, you're both certainly related to Mike. It's kinda creepy." Trevor says, finally grinning at Mitch who chuckles and shrugs.

"We get that a lot."

"I don't." Jamie muses.

"No, Dani thought you and Sam were the only two unrelated that night we met," Blair says, slipping her hand into Jamie's, laughing slightly.

"It's the blonde hair. Take that away and you'd look similar." I say, making him turn to Mitch and study him before grinning.

"Na, I'm more attractive." He declares making us all laugh, Trevor glancing towards the coffee table.

"Have you all ate? I'm starving."

"No, we were waiting on you. I thought we'd go to the bar, I'm in desperate need of some chips," I tease, making Trevor give me a flat look.

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