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Sonora watched Ian go out the door already afraid for him to be out of her sight. She hauled in a huge breath and blew it out. She could stand here and worry until he got back or she could do something. She mentally ticked off everything that still needed packed. She'd done it all. Sonora bit her lip as she looked around the room wondering what she could help with.

"Mom, what else is there to do?"

"Not much. I'm just waiting to hear from your sister." Azurine started to bite a fingernail.

Sonora frowned. Her mother biting a fingernail usually meant she was extremely nervous. Was she this upset over Sierra? "When was the last time you heard from her?"

Her father got up and looked out the window. "We haven't."

Sonora's heart skipped. "What do you mean? Since when?"

"I text and called," Mike said. "I didn't want to seem too crazed over the phone but made sure she knew it was serious. She hasn't answered yet."

"Dad! She doesn't know we're leaving? Or the outbreak?"

Azurine put a hand on Sonora's shoulder. "Sunny, don't panic. She's probably still at work, and she may have seen the news." Azurine's gaze drifted to the same window her husband looked out. "I hope."

Sonora nodded and chewed on her lip a little harder. For most people, this was another normal day. The news report about the strange illness just one of the hundreds of other bad things happening today. Most people would brush it off like the did all the rest of the unwelcome news. Sonora looked from her mom to her dad. "We should go get her. We are done here, aren't we? And what are we going to do if Ian gets done and is waiting at the beach for us and she isn't here yet?"

Sonora had worried they would need some convincing. They didn't.

Mike turned toward the garage. "Okay, I'll start the car."

"I'll take mine," Sonora said, "and follow you. In case we have to split up."

"We are not splitting up," Azurine said her tone stern.

"Okay, but yours is full to the brim. We'll need mine for the room."

As Sonora followed her parents to Sierra's accounting firm, she kept a sharp eye out. But there was little out of the norm for a typical weekday. They parked in the lot behind the building and walked around to the front.

Azurine looked up at the multistoried building. "Have you been here before? Do you know where her office it?"

"Yeah, her office is up the elevator to the second floor and the first left.

Sonora scouted the lobby as they walked through it. Everything seemed normal. There was no coughing, sick-looking people here, just employees doing their jobs. She'd been through so much the last few hours, it felt odd, eerie even, like the calm before the storm--except no one knew the storm was coming.

When they reached Sierra's office, it was empty. Sonora drew in a breath. "Let me try the neighboring office."

She tapped on the door and heard a faint, "Come in."

Sonora slowly opened the door afraid of what she would find. But she had worried for nothing, her sister's blonde co-worker sat at her desk, a smile lit her face when she saw Sonora.

"Hi," Sonora said, "we're looking for Sierra. Do you happen to know where she is?"

"Um, I had break with her, and she said she was going to hit the library for something."

Sonora frowned. "The building's library or the one down the street?" Both had law sections, and Sierra had occasion to use each of them.

The blonde woman sagged. "Oh, I'm not sure. She didn't say."

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