32 | Blake Talabis

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Had to put this in there♡😉 they're so cute I-I LOVED WRITING THIS!!!!Word count: 1296

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Had to put this in there♡😉 they're so cute I-
Word count: 1296

You hated working. Just the thought of it. The only thing that kept you going was the fact you're doing this for your family.

It wasn't that you didn't have a decent job, you worked in a restaurant close to where red carpets took place, it was just the fact you were in a stuffy building for hours on end with only a 30 minute lunch break.

You were working for the day as a bartender (not selling alcohol), when your aunt (the owner of the restaurant) came in red In the face.

"What's up y/a/n?" You asked, leaning against the bar. "This place needs to be spotless for this evening!" She yelled frantically

"Why? It's only 9:30"

"Because, the Umbrella Academy cast are coming to eat here after their red carpet and it's the first time we've had celebrities and we need to look the best and-"

You placed a hand on her shoulder. "We'll sort it out. But what's the umbrella academy?" Your aunt pulled out a video and showed you the trailer, which made you smile. This show looked damn good

"Now, let's change this and add this here, and do..." your Aunt walked away, as you chuckled and walked onto the deck of the restaurant, which looked over the city.

You used to love coming here as a child. The restaurant was in a building, meaning it was quite high up. You looked over the railing, your hair blowing in the wind

* * *

It was the afternoon, and you decided to go shopping for an outfit, since celebrities were turning up later on, you needed to look presentable. Whilst in some random store, you spotted a group of kids who looked your age. There were two girls, and four boys. You paid for your outfit, but one of the boys accidentally knocked you over

"Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry!" The boy offered his hand out to you, red with embarrassment. You chuckled, "it's no problem really" he offered you his hand and pulled you up, but you frowned when you saw your outfit on the floor

One of the girls ducked down to help you. "Special occasion?" She smiled. "I love your outfit by the way, it's stunning!"

You smiled, looking at the kids in front of you. "Thanks"

"Sorry we didn't introduce ourselves" the boy from earlier said. "I'm Blake, This is Dante, Ethan, Cameron, Eden and Tj" they all waved as you grinned, grabbing your bag from Eden.

"Are you up to anything at all?" Tj asked, as you shook your head. "I'm working later, but that's not until 6"

Eden turned to look at you. "Well, do you wanna hang out with us?" She questioned as everyone nodded

* * *

"- and I've wanted to act ever since" You, Eden and Tj were in some random coffee shop, drinking hot chocolates. "Wait, where are the boys?" Tj looked around confused. "Who knows" you giggled, but couldn't help feeling a little left out, they all seemed super close. Like a family, almost.

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