Chapter 1: They're back

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A loud music was being played inside the house of the Richest family, Addition with the loud laughter and scream from the kids inside the house.

"One.. *tsup*"

"two.. *tsup*"

"Three.. *tsup*"

A giggle escape from a 10 months old baby girl who was under Lisa's body. Lisa was doing some push ups while taking care of her daughter, she laugh whenever Lauren was giggling.


"Yes baby?" Lisa asked while focusing on hee daughter's laugh.

Skyler run towards her and hop on her back "Horse back ridiing!!" Skyler scream when he successfully hop on his Dada's back "Are you okay?" Skyler asked while he's gripping on Lisa's shirt.

"Of course you're not that- Oh God!" Lisa groan when something heavy hop on her back too.

"You're Monkey Dada, Mom said" Daehan said and made Lisa a bridge as he was balancing himself to walk on her back.

"Yah! Daehan you might get hurt. Get down" Lisa ordered, Lauren crawl away from them and took a piece of toy.

Daehan suddenly slump his body on Skyler's back that made V hurt.

"Dadaaaa!" Skyler whine while holding his back. Lisa was slowly bending her knees, trying herself not to make the kids fall down and got hurt.

Daehan run away as he knows that Lisa will have some words with him. Skyler was crying really loud and thankfully Jennie isn't home because Lisa know what will happen next.

"Stop crying V.. Ssshh.. " Lisa soothe him "Daehan come here!" Lisa said firmly.

Daehan was hiding inside the closet as he always doing whenever he done something. Instead of feeling guilty, Daehan was still smiling and waited for Lisa to come after him.

Lisa scratch her nape and look at her two children "Come here baby" She carried Lauren on her arms and held Skyler's hand while crying.

"Daehan come out now" Lisa said and put Lauren on the crib "I told you hurting your siblings are not right" Lisa stated and walk towards the closet, as soon as she open it Daehan came out and was about to run away again when Lisa held his arms. "Do you think I'm still playing all along?" Lisa asked with an authoritative tone of voice.

"Yes!" Daehan said, he thought that Lisa was playing with him. Lisa got up from her knees and drag him on the wall.

"Raise your both arms just like what Mommy do" She said and Daehan raise his arms and on the verge of crying.

"I won't do it again" Daehan said getting teary.

"No. You reflect Daehan, You should help me to look after your siblings because Mommy is working" Lisa said while looking for some clothes inside the closet.

"But I'm a baby too" Daehan cried.

"But you're the eldest Daehan, you can't just hurt your younger brother like that. If your Mom was here? She will yell at me not you" Lisa said while shaking her head.

Skyler stop from crying and lift his arms up to Lisa. Lisa held his arm instead and walk towards Daehan.

"Say sorry to V" Lisa ordered.

"Sorry V" Daehan caress Skyler's cheek and give him a hug and kiss.

"Okay, let's prepare ourselves and we'll go to the mall!" Lisa cheerfully said that made the kids scream in excitement.


Lisa's P. O. V.

I'm driving my car with my Kids today, I decided to make some bonding with them since I got too busy on work for almost a week. Jennie was also working to their company, she wants to work hard for it so I let her since it's her happiness. Whenever we are both busy on work, Our parents are taking care of the kids.

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