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So the book is finally finished.

First of all, I want to say a Big Thanks to everybody who read, voted or commented on my book, I am extremely thankful.

Most of the new readers would be thinking that I am such an odd writer, because to them this would be my first authors note but I had wrote plenty in the past and deleted them later.

So new readers, I never got to thank all of you, please so share your thoughts in the comment section too and please vote.

I know some of you will say that the ending is rushed, yes it is rushed, but I had to complete the book now, its been almost two years since I started writing this book and I had my annual exams in a few month, so I didn't had time to update after this, so I had to make this chapter the last chapter.

I can't believe that I actually completed this book, it is my first ever book and I am greatly humbled with the positive responses.

Every book has flaws and this one too has, it has many grammatical and spelling errors because it is not edited, I would try to edit the book later on.

There might be a epilogue later but not now, I want to take a break from writing and just focus on my studies and other things for a while.

Do check out my other short story too which is on my profile.

Again thank you to everyone, I hope you remember this book.
Good Bye, love, Author.

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