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Now its the day, finally, the day where my biggest desire is going to be fulfilled.

I heard footsteps rushing in the corridors and knew that now is the time.

"Princess, they have arrived!" I quickly turned to look at the young girl at my door, she was panting heavily because of running. My face instantly glowed with the bright smile that I put on and stood from my vanity table in a hurry.

"Are you serious?!" I exclaimed, overwhelmed with joy.

She just nodded her head with equal exictment.
I turned to look at myself in the mirror, I was wearing a white gown, fitted for a princess, the bodice was covered with rubies and the tail of the dress had red embridoery with gold linings, the sleeves were sheer and there were red patterns along it. I had a tiara over my head with a beautiful and equally large ruby in the centre accompined with several other diamonds. My hair were open and curled at the end, giving it a beautiful look, they almost reached my sitter. I had put on the nectar of rose petals on my lips, and kohl in my eyes, it made them look bigger.

Everyone said that I looked extremely beautiful.

But I was only considering my smile beautiful. The one which is present because of him.

I sat down on my bed and huffed.

"Alice why can't I go down there too?!" I was angry and upset. I was told not to come down until I was summoned but truth be honest I can't wait. I puffed out my cheeks and pouted my lips, giving Alice the most magical eyes I could muster.

"No princess, you can't go down. They are the King's orders" She eyed me sternly but I wasn't going to budge.

"Please? Please?" I further pleaded but oh god how could I forget how stubborn she is?

She shook her head but now the old Anastasia is back, the one that didn't used to listen to others. I giggled as the brilliant idea came to my mind.

Alice knowing me, eyed me suspiciously and before she could have advanced for me, I laughed heartily and made a run for my chamber's door. And before I knew I was out in the corridors, my laugh echoing around the halls as I ran and Alice was screaming my name behind me. I feel bad that he has to run after me but I have to go down.

I continued to laugh at her futile attempts to catch me, just like old times and as I faced backwards a little to see how close Alice is to me, I bumped hard into a walla and that wall also caught me from falling. The walls are smart too now.

But no, that is not a wall and now I am in the arms of my saviour. Xander. My smile vanished from my face as I realized our compromising position. Our eyes locked and before I could say anything, he motioned with his hands and the corridor for cleared in a second.

I blushed a crimson red and locked down at his chest. His chest reverberated with a laugh as he put his chin on the top of my head still holding me.

"How have you been?" He asked in a dream like state.

"Do you want me to say fine or tell you the truth?" I smiled.

He kept me at arms length and looked at me weirdly, "Truth?"

"Okay then, I have not been well" his eyes immediately changed and worry and anber overtook him.

"What happened? Are you alright?"

"Yes of course, I was just missing you silly" I laughed and slowly got out of his grip. Everything just seemed too slow. Like my life was being played in slow motion.

"Oh" He just said that and looked lost after that but after a minute, he realized what I said and honestly he looked like the happiest man alive on this earth as his lips slowly but surely stretched into a grin.

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