Chapter 34: Pieces of You

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"Hyunjin..." Jinwoo cooed and pecked her boyfriend's lips. "Ya, wake up!" She started planting kisses all over her boyfriend's face until he had enough of it. His lips broke off into a smile. He grabbed Jinwoo, pulling her to be on top of him and fully connected their lips.

Jinwoo has her hands on top of her boyfriend's chest, smiling through the kiss– not caring about her boyfriend's morning breath. She loves him fully, not leaving a void.

Hyunjin broke off the kiss and just smiled, afraid to talk since their faces are too close to each other that she might complain about his breath.

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"Happy birthday." Jinwoo pecked Hyunjin's lips once again and got off of him to let him get up himself.

"Where's my cake?" Hyunjin pouted and started stretching once he's sitting up.

"Me." Hyunin frowned, unsure if he heard Jinwoo right then his eyes turned red and that's when Jinwoo figured she said the wrong thing.

"I was just joking! Jeez!" She laughed awkwardly and got up immediately. "Get your ass downstairs!" She quickly said before leaving the room immediately. She hasn't encountered a titillated ghoul yet so it's best to avoid it.

"Is he up?" Woojin asked the flustered one who has her cheeks tinted pink. Her eyes widened as she looks at the older.


"What happened?" Seungmin asked with his eyebrow raised, obviously suspecting something. Who wouldn't?

"N-Nothing!" Jinwoo quickly said and went beside Minho as she tries to calm herself down. She's sweating too much and her whole body's boiling.

"Hwang Hyunjin I'm going to fucking kill you," she mentally said to herself. Minho's staring at her with knitted eyebrows– a puzzled look. She does look really suspicious for them to not notice that something happened.

"They probably had a birthday s–" Jeongin was cut off by his brother who slapped his lips.

"You filthy 17 year old!" The young one rolled his eyes and huffed, crossing his arms over his chest.

The king came in time, still looking stern as ever that it made Jinwoo grow goosebumps. There's definitely something up with him since yesterday that she just can't comprehend.

Finally Hyunjin started walking down. His hair is damped, his face is fully awakened and he's wearing a new pair of clean clothes then they all started singing for him.

"You guys were too noisy." Hyunjin chuckled and blew the candles immediately. "Was this supposed to be a surprise?"

"Not really." Woojin shook his head and laughed then placed the cake made with flesh on the table. "This one's smaller since Jinwoo still has some leftover cake left."

"That's okay, I don't really need one anyway." Hyunjin smiled. "Thank you guys, thank you father." The king's heart warmed when he heard his son call him 'father' with fondness. It's been long since he felt such feeling that was caused by his eldest son.

"You know, it's weird how Jinwoo's older than you," Seungmin commented, leaning against the counter with his arms on top of it.

"What's weird about that?" Hyunjin asked, raising an eyebrow. "She's only a day older! Or even just a few hours older!"

"He's just jealous he doesn't have a girlfriend," Minho muttered quietly but all of them heard so Woojin started laughing.

"Quit laughing! It's not like you have one!" Seungmin snarled at the older one.

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