I awoke the next day around noon. The window in my room was open and I could smell strawberries in the light breeze. Slowly, I lifted myself out of bed and tested my feet. I did not get nauseous, that was a good sign. 

Lightly, I padded my way to the small mirror hanging on the wall across the room and took myself in. I looked...healthy. Running a hand across my cheek I stared in awe as the cuts were no longer there. In fact, if there was not a few barely noticeable scars in its place-I would have thought I dreamed the whole Fury thing up.

The door slowly opened and Annabeth came into my room with a bowl of soup. "Here, eat. Then go outside. You have some training to catch up on." Without looking at me, she set the soup on my bedside table and stalked out of the room.

Shrugging, I quickly ate the soup. I was starving so I scarfed it down in a hurry. I looked around the room. The emptiness suddenly dawned on me. Where is my dog? I was not as worried about my clothes since they were not living and breathing beings.

Taking a few deep breaths and trying not to be too worried, I walked over to the joint bathroom. I quickly showered all of the pain and sweat and nightmares from my body and got out. I wrapped a spare towel around my body and stepped back into my room, still worried about Orion. I hope he is okay. 

"Oh, gez sorry." Luke jumped up from my bed and turned around.

I bit back a surprised and mostly angry yell. "What the hell are you doing in here?!" I whispered harshly, and quickly hugged my towel closer to my body.

"I'm sorry, I didn't think you would walk out naked." He looked me up and down and smirked a little, "Well, not completely-"

I held back the urge to smack him. "-Get to the point, would you?! Or get out!" I walked back into the bathroom and hid myself behind the door, not wanting him to look at my towel clad body.

"I came to tell you that Annabeth had put your clothes away when you were unconscious, they are in the wardrobe by the window...." Luke called to me outside the bathroom. "I'll go now. When you are ready...meet me outside." I listened to his footsteps and the door open and shut before I peeked my head around the door and checked my room. Empty.

Grumbling curses under my breath, I trudged over to the wardrobe and flung it open with one hand. Who did Luke think he was? He knew I was taking a shower, narcissistic bastard. I quickly noticed that Annabeth had just thrown my backpack into the wardrobe, she was obviously trying to piss me off.

Sighing, I pulled it out and threw it onto the bed. I pulled out a grey long sleeved, v-neck shirt and threw it on since it looked pretty cold out, then I though on some black sweat pants because Annabeth mentioned training.

Still pissed, I grabbed my things and walked out of the temporary room, Orion barely in my mind as of this moment. The infirmary was pretty much deserted, all of the cots were empty except for one that held a boy around the age of 17. I quickly averted my eyes when I noticed the nurse was sowing the poor man's big toe back on. Gross. This camp must take there training seriously...

Luke was standing outside by a torch and was talking animatedly with a young boy, who was probably ten. Looking around at my surroundings I realized this camp was made to look like we were in the Dark Ages-literally. As far as I could see everything was lit by torches and there was no real technology being used.

Luke grinned at me and waltzed over, dismissing the small boy. "Okay, you ready to get started?"

 "Sure, what is the first thing we do?" I shouldered my backpack and looked around the vast camp, hoping to see a tiny Rottweiler jumping around somewhere, but with no luck. "Where is my dog?" I frowned and added, hopefully he was not lost, or worse.