Chapter 14

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Chapter Fourteen

"Come on," I encourage, taking his hand and leading him to my room, gently pushing him to sit in the edge of the bed. I hesitate for a moment before I move to my speakers and put some gentle music on, feeling my hands shaking slightly as I move back to stand between Mitch's legs, smiling down at him.

"Do you want to take my dress off or should I?" I ask, feeling unsure of what to do. I don't want to rush this and yet I have no idea how to take it slow.

Mitch glances over the dress before his hands land on my thighs before he trails them up to my hips, licking his lips. He doesn't answer as he pulls his hands out of the dress before they are moving over the top of the dress, his touch light and gentle.

"Turn around." He says, his voice low and husky. I instantly turn and stare over the city lights as his hands trail over the dress before he grabs the zipper and tugs it down painfully slowly before his fingers move under the tiny straps of the dress and he tugs them down my arms, having to tug the dress slightly as it is that tight before it lands in a heap around my heeled feet. He moans loudly, his gaze causing heat to scorch my back as he runs his eyes from the back of my red strapless bra down to my matching lace thong.

Giving him a moment to have his fill of me, I step out of my dress and move two steps away before turning and letting him take me in from the front. His eyes run over me like I'm a piece of art in a museum, making my knees shake.

"Fuck," he mutters, making me glance down at my see-through lace underwear set.

"You like?"

"God, I love it. Come here." He instructs, grabbing me when I get within reach and throwing me down onto the bed, lying beside me as he runs a hand over me. "Sky?"

"Hmm?" I mumble, arching my body towards his wandering hand.

"I..." He starts, his voice rough and gravelly. "I need to be in you."

"Hurry up," I beg, tugging at his shirt. He smiles, yet shakes his head.

"Not yet."

"I'm ready, Mitch," I whine, taking his hand and putting it where I want him most, letting him feel how turned on he makes me. "That's you, babe. Only you make me like this."

"Oh really? Only me?" He asks, running his fingers over me.

"Only you." I agree, making him smile down at me with a smug look.

"All this... is just for me?" He asks, lifting his hand to allow us both to see my juices covering him. Having thought I'd be embarrassed by that, I surprise myself when I moan, grabbing his wrist and bringing his hand up for me to lick the juices off. He groans as I suck each finger in turn, desperate to get some relief.

"All for you," I say, pushing him onto his back before I'm straddling his hips before I grab his shirt and tug it open, once again sending buttons flying everywhere. He chuckles as I do it, shaking his head slightly.

"I'll have no shirts left at the rate you're going through them." He muses.

"I'll send it down to get the buttons put back on because this shirt has had me wet all night. It highlights your muscles perfectly and I've been imaging this all evening." I mumble, grabbing his belt and starting to undo it, desperate to see him. Once I have him free, I climb off him and start tugging his jeans and boxers off, throwing them and his shoes and socks across the room as he sits up and chucks the shirt material away, leaving him naked in front of me.

Climbing back on, I moan as I rub myself up and down him, dripping my juices around him.

"Mitch?" I whimper out, feeling my nipples brush his every time I rock back and forth along him.

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