Chapter 33: His Name

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"Babe..." Hyunjin began shaking Jinwoo who's murmuring in her sleep, sweat drifting down from her scalp, and face full of angst. "Wake up..." He shook his girlfriend even more vigorously until she finally wakes up, once she sees Hyunjin, she bursted into tears– got up on her knees and wrapped her arms around her boyfriends neck. She buried her face in the crook of his neck and let herself cry while breathing in his aromatic scent.

Hyunjin sighed and wrapped his arms around his girlfriends waist as well. "It's all just a dream, okay? You'll be okay...we're okay..." Jinwoo continued whaling and it just hurt the white-haired boy's heart even more. "Hush now babygirl...nothing bad will happen."

The dream felt too real to Jinwoo. She could even feel the pain in her neck but just like Hyunjin said, it was all just a dream. She took a good look at their surroundings– they're still in the same room but the windows aren't broken.

"It's 5 in the morning...see? Nothing bad's your birthday." Hyunjin gently pushed Jinwoo to create a short gap between them and placed a soft kiss on her forehead. "Happy birthday my love."

Jinwoo's tears stopped. She looks worn out. Her nose and eyes are red and her lips are a little too pale for a ghoul who feeds on flesh with blood to live. She stares at Hyunjin, trying to see if there really is nothing wrong.

All she could see are his plump, kissable lips, his alluring eyes, his bed hair, and basically just the guy that she loves with all her heart. He's okay and she's in front of him– and she didn't die. It was just a dream.

Three knocks were heard on the door and eventually, five people bursted inside the room– singing happy birthday to the birthday girl. Jeongin held the cake with lit candles, Seungmin has another cake which was made from human flesh– thanks to the Ominous king's skills, and Woojin has a huge box in his hands, a present. Behind the four of them stood Minho who looks a little out of place but he's still singing as if he was actually meant to be there. After singing, they're finally in front of Jinwoo who's still staring at them in disbelief.

"I can't eat cake..." She trailed off.

"The cake's for me and Minho," Woojin said. "The four of you eat the flesh."

"Minho?" Jinwoo frowned and stared at Minho who's scratching the back of his neck awkwardly, looking down.

"We talked some sense into him..." Woojin said.

"Since when?"

"Enough questions!"

"Come on! Blow the candles!" Jeongin urged so Jinwoo complied after making a short wish in her mind.

"I wish everything remains real."

Those with free hands clapped and cheered, even Minho surprisingly. Woojin handed the present to Jinwoo. "Open this tomorrow with Hyunjin."

Jinwoo's really curious but she nodded anyway and put the box aside.

"We'll put these outside. Come on let's eat!" Seungmin beamed and then they all went out except for the king and of course, the couple.

The king stared at Jinwoo with unreadable eyes so the birthday girl asked him, "Is your name Junhyeok?" Hyunjin slipped his hand to hold his girlfriend's. She didn't receive a reply. Instead, the king just continued to stare at her with the eyes that seemed to be sending a message and eventually left the room.

"What's wrong with your father?" Jinwoo asked Hyunjin who just shrugged.

"It's nothing, don't worry about it."

* * *

The day went on. Jeongin suggested that they should go out and enjoy the country but Jinwoo disagreed. Her birthday's not finished yet so something serious might happen–according to her dream at least.

"Come on! Birthdays are not supposed to be like this!" Jeongin whined, placing his cheek on the palm of his hand.

"Says the guy who celebrated his birthday in prison." Seungmin scoffed and flicked his younger brother's forehead.

"Ya!" The younger one flicked Seungmin's forehead as well.

"Stop fighting!" Hyunjin scolded the two who immediately complied and muttered a 'sorry'.

"What made you come to your senses anyway?" Jinwoo asked Minho who looks really bothered by everything.

"Nothing will happen to me if I keep this up...I might just die..."

"Yeah, you lost your muscles," Woojin commented. "Very unmanly." Minho scowled at the older who smiled mischievously in return.

"Eat lots then..." Jinwoo said then sipped on her frappe which Woojin bought from Moonbucks. "Wow, this is amazing."

"Is it your first time tasting a frappe?" Woojin asked her.

"I guess so," she replied and took another sip then gasped. "This is seriously amazing holy shit!"

"I asked the lady to do things to it..." Woojin trailed off. "To avoid you know..."

Jinwoo immediately got what he's trying to say that her eyes lit up. "Thank you!"

"Why is it that she's the only one who got the frappe?" Jeongin pouted like a baby.

"It's her birthday." Seungmin pinched his brother's cheek, receiving a slap. "This disrespectful bastard!"

"Where's the king?" Jinwoo asked. "And can anybody please tell me what's his real name?"

"Why are you asking that?" Jeongin asked, frowning a bit.

"Personal reasons..." She muttered and started sipping on her drink again, eager to drink every last bit of it but Hyunjin placed his hand on her shoulder to calm her a bit.

Jeongin, Seungmin, Woojin, Minho, and Hyunjin all looked at each other then at Jinwoo who's oblivious about everything.

So Hyunjin decided to answer her question.

"It's Hwang Junhyeok."

y'all are probably confused by now lol i'm sorry

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