Chapter 39

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Chapter 39

At first, I contemplate whether or not I should try to explain myself or simply get the hell out of here, but either way it's too late, because Anthony has already turned around and spotted me. Shit.

"What the fu..." He says, before trailing off. I can tell that he is drunk, judging by the way his eyes look, and how he has to lean against the kitchen counter for support. Oh yeah, and the fact that he's holding a bottle of Bud Light in his hand.

"Sorry I didn't mean to intrude," I say awkwardly, "I'm Nora, Daniel's--"

"Bitch? Your Danny's bitch?" He asks me, his words slurring together.

I take a step back and laugh nervously. "Um, no, we're--just friends," I finish, not entirely sure if that was the truth but I didn't want to say that I was his girlfriend. Even though I wanted myself to be.

Anthony smirks at me, shaking his head slowly and then turns back around so that he's facing the small screen window above the kitchen counter. He seems to be just staring out into the night, like he's in some sort of trance, so I leave him be. I turn on my heel and exit the kitchen, deciding that the glass of water I wanted would have to wait.

I return to Daniel's bedroom to find him lying awake in the darkness. He turns his head slightly when he sees me come over.

"Hey," He whispers hoarsely.

"Hey yourself," I coo, planting a kiss on his forehead.

He chuckles softly. "You're treating me like I'm a sick child."

"Nooo," I protest, leaning into him and in the process he uses his right arm to pull me down on top of him. My body rolls over until I'm fully on top of him. He smiles and runs his fingers through my hair as it falls into his face.

"Why do you look so damn sexy in the dark?" He asks me, his brown eyes twinkling with desire.

I laugh at this. "Really, you think I look sexy?" I didn't want to believe him for a second, suddenly feeling insecure again.

"Yes of course you do. You always do," he says, stroking my cheek with the tips of his fingers. "You're gorgeous."

That just about makes my heart leap right out of my chest. I feel an overwhelming surge of love and gratitude towards him so I kiss him urgently on the lips, letting him know that his compliment means the world to me. He wraps his arms tightly around my waist as we continue to kiss, both of us getting lost in the moment again.

"You know your brother's here," I mumble in between kisses, "I got up to get a glass of water and he was in the kitchen."

"I don't give a shit if he's here or not," Daniel replies softly, "I'll just get up and lock the door so he doesn't think about barging in."

I giggle lightly and let Daniel get out of the bed so he can lock the door to his bedroom. I then watch his tall, slim silhouette make its way back over to me at the foot of the bed. It would be completely pitch dark if it wasn't for the light of the moon shining in through the shades on Daniel's window. I slowly inch back up the bed towards the pillow that he gave me and I feel him grab my waist gently and kiss me on the back of my neck. We slip back under the sheets after that and into each others' arms again.

"Mmm" I hear Daniel sigh. "I wish you could sleep here with me every night," he says, and I can tell that he's smiling into my shoulder.

"I can if you want," I joke, only the idea doesn't sound that unrealistic. I mean, tomorrow will be the first official night of summer and we'll both have plenty more free nights after that.

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