Chapter 4: Looking for an Answer

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The next thing I know, I wake up laying on the cold ground. Jolton's next to me but Viol is nowhere to be seen.

"What in Creator's name happened?" Jolton asks as he groggily gets up. "I have no clue where we... wait a second. Where's Viol?"

"I don't know," I say, "Where do you think she went?"

"Not sure, but we should head back to town at least, since she's definitely not here."

We make our way out of the power station and trudge back towards the buildings.

"What do you think happened back there?" I look down at the uneven path. "She was acting crazy."

"Yeah... she was definitely on the wacky side. She looked like she was trying to figure something out. Viol... I don't know. She seemed so agitated." Jolton huffs, and sparks scuttle over his hands like fire ants.

"What time is it?" I ask, kicking a stone on the ground. It rolls off the road and into the grass.

"8:00, why do you ask?"

"Maybe Viol's at school."

"Let's go then!"

I grab Jolton under the arms and begin to fly towards school as fast as my wings can manage. We land at school a few minutes later, my wings and arms burning. Jolton immediately disappears into a socket and I manage to burst through the class door just at the final bell shrieks through the room.

"Eim she's not there." Jolton says. "I checked the security cameras."

"Well where is she then?"

"She's in the library, and we've got to hurry because it didn't look like she was staying long."

We take off to the library just outside of the bell tower. Inside, books upon books are stacked within the hearts of multiple trees, all branches intertwining and bearing the load of their precious content.

Jolton knows exactly where to go and zigzags between trees.

"No, no, NO!" He shouts frantically. "She's not here anymore."

I look around the space, no one's here aside from the few kids that look like they practically live here. I walk over to a friend, Priscilla. She's a literal bookworm, a caterpillar-like cartoon with a cute pudgy face. Her nose is always in some book.

"Have you seen Viol in here recently?" I ask her.

"Yeah, check out the History section. She was looking pretty upset over there."

"Thanks." I say, already on my way to the section.

"What are you doing?" Jolton asks, crackling as he follows.

"Well, she came to the library for a reason, right? That must mean she was looking for a book on something."

I fly up to thick branches that create paths to thinner ones bending under the weight from carrying battered books. Jolton climbs the ladder up. The history section has a smell. An old musty smell, something that would smell like your grandparents house. The books are faded with age and use.

One book is left on a table, wide open. Jolton and I take a seat at the table, the old book laying open in front of us revealing small blue notes scrawled all over the margins.

"Viol's handwriting," Jolton says.

"This is exactly what happened to Viol." I say taking a deep breath.

"We need to find her." Jolton says.

I grab the book and jump up, but as we turn around we see that Viol's there right behind us. I open my mouth and try and say something but before words can leave my mouth, we are engulfed by two small clouds that Viol sends our way. I feel the wet weight of the cloud cover my body and my lungs heave as my last breath of oxygen leaves me. My eyelids become heavy as my vision goes black for the second time in the last 24 hours.

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