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Yujin contemplates on whether telling Hyunjin was the right thing to do

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Yujin contemplates on whether telling Hyunjin was the right thing to do. Her sentences keep on being cut off by her own thoughts as she tries to construct the words she'll say so that Hyunjin could understand. She was thankful that he's drowning in his own world at the moment, picking off grass from the floor and braiding them before tearing them into pieces before starting all over again.

"Can you please take your time with whatever you're gonna tell me?" Hyunjin asks her, eyes still focused on the grass in front of him, "talk extra slow, don't get straight to the point."

"Can't promise you that."

Hyunjin pouts, pulling a fistful of grass from the ground with force. "Come on, do me a favour."

"I need to study soon."

"You were the one who said that we'll have to take our time just a few moments ago," Hyunjin reminds her, to which Yujin blinks at.


But she wants this to end soon, to get it over and done with. Yujin doesn't want to waste time, but she doesn't want to be too quick. The wrong timing could lead to incredibly risky things and that is definitely something that Yujin needs to avoid.

"By the way," Hyunjin says, "how's Seungmin doing?"

Yujin doesn't answer straight away. This is a great chance to cover up her reason to talk to Hyunjin.

"He's doing great," Yujin tells Hyunjin quickly, sounding as sincere as possible — which isn't very hard at all since in reality, Seungmin is doing much better than what both Minho and Yujin expected, "we'll be good to go in the semi finals at the end of this week. You're still watching, right?"

"Of course!" Hyunjin laughs a little at the thought of Seungmin's premiere game, imagining the guy in team uniform and watching him zoom past on his broom. "He'd look so cute, did you know he has the cutest habit when he's nervous?"

The girl sitting in front of him looks at him through the corners of her eyes.

"I'm starting to think you're gay," Yujin says carefully, "which is no problem but, are you really?"

"No!" Hyunjin cries, "even if I am, I wouldn't like Seungmin."

For some reason, to Hyunjin, it looks as if Yujin is relieved at what he said. But he shrugs it off.

"Anyways, I was wondering when you'll be able to come back on the team," Yujin asks. Phew, nice save.

"I've been feeling better, so maybe next week?"

"Sure," Yujin pauses for a second.

"You see, Minho and I have been monitoring Seungmin's progress over the past week or so of joining," Yujin tells him, catching the boy's attention.


"I think we're gonna keep him."

"Wait, really!?" Hyunjin exclaims, grinning from ear to ear, "you're kidding."

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