What the hell happens in this town!?

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We were in the waiting room now. Emma has silenced the phone and the same number was calling him again

‘’Same person again’’Leroy said

‘’Her,cute’’Emma said

‘’Probably a girlfriend.’’

‘’Defiantly a romantic nickname’’I said crossing my arms

‘’Let's answer it. Let her know that hes okay’’Snow said

‘’He's not okay''Emma pointed out

‘’Hes alive. We can let her know hes alive’’Ruby said

‘’The police can trace it here instantly’’David pointed out

‘’What about that find your phone app? We don’t even have to answer’’I said pointed at the phone. The phone stopped buzzing

‘’That settles that’’Leroy said

‘’Ugh! My nerves cant take this. Is the surgery almost over?’’Snow asked

‘’Drama queen’’I muttered and she shot a glare at me. I smiled at her. I saw a nurse had come out and looked like he was looking for something.

‘’Hey wait’’David said. The guy turned towards us.

‘’What's wrong?’’I asked

‘’I'm just looking for the doctor’’

‘’He's not in OR?’’Ruby asked

‘’Never came in’’

‘’Then page him’’Emma demanded. The guy went over to the phone to page him.

‘’He didn’t look so good earlier’’David said. so whale just bailed? I heard a beep.

‘He's here''

We looked around and I went over to the laundry basket and pulled out his coat. The pager still inside.

‘’No, but his pager is’’I said I handed it to Emma.

‘’He's gone’’Emma said with wide eyes.

I handed the coat to ruby. She smelled it and she started walking, we all followed her.

‘’Got the sent?”’’David asked

‘’boosy’’Ruby said

‘’Just find him and bring him back. We will watch Hook and find out what our options will be’’Emma said

‘’maybe doc can do it’’Snow suggested. Leroy started laughing

‘’surgery’’he said laughing’’no’’

He said stopping the laughter.

‘’Maybe he didn’t run. Maybe Cora grabbed him for some reason’’Snow suggested

That's really unlikely.

‘’I don’t think so. He's been in a bad place since Regina brought her fiance back to life’’

‘’Daniel?’’Snow and I said at the same time

‘’Back to life?’’

‘He had his arm ripped off and put back on’’David said

‘’Wait Daniel came back?’’snow asked

My head was spinning. What the hell happens in this town!

‘’Like some kind of Frankenstein?’’Emma asked

‘’That’s Whale. Doctor and Daniel was his-‘’

‘’What went on here while we where gone?’’Snow asked

He shook his head

‘’We miss everything!’’I exclaimed.

‘’Ruby, get going bring back Dr.Frankenstein’’Emma said and Ruby ran off.

‘’She’ll find him’’Snow said

‘’Yeah but what kind of state is he going to be in’’

After a couple of hours. Ruby and whale came into the waiting room.

‘’Your back!’’I said we all jumped up.

‘’I don’t know why your all so worried. I was just stretching my legs. Now i'm going to go do this thing’’Whale walked off. Okay so that’s good.

‘’I'm going to check on Killian’’I said patting Snows arm and I walked away and to his room. He was laying on the bed, still handcuffed.

‘’How you feeling?’’I asked him as I sat down on the chair that was next to his bed.

‘’I'm fine. Sore but fine’’he said.

He picked up a plate of jello’’tell me about this stuff?Why do they keep giving it to me?’’

I laughed’’It's jello. It’s a food, well kind of. Taste it’’

He reluctantly took his fork and took a bite.

‘’Why is it jelly? This stuff is weird’’

I laughed’’Yeah it is kind of weird isn’t it. But its good’’

He nodded and set the plate down.

‘’We haven't got to talk about a anything’’He said taking my hand.

‘’I know. Been kind of busy’’I said laughing slightly.

We talked for hours it seemed. About what i've been doing in Storybrooke and what he did. Teaming up with Cora to get his revenge. We just talked like it used to be.

3rd pov:

Little did Roselina and Killian know, they were being watched. Peter Pan had his magic mirror in his hand watching them laugh and talk. He almost broke the mirror in his anger. Just a little while, he reminded himself, and she would be back in his arms.

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