Cooking with REED900 part 2!

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This may have smut, you have been warned young traveler ;__;

Nines set up the camera, carrying Gavin bridal style to the counter. "Sure you wanna record?... after all, you did, you know" he smirked, Gavin blushing in embarrassment. "Because of you I fucking ate cum cupcakes dipshit" he grunted, Nines sliding next to him. "You did ask me to fuck you after, didn't you detective?" He whispered, Gavin bolting up. "Just, SHH it's starting" he said, changing the subject.

In 3, 2, 1...

"Hello everyone, and welcome to cooking with Gavin... and nines" he sighed, nines smiling widely. "This is a show where I shove semen cupcakes down my submissives throat" he smirked, Gavin interrupting him. "Oh nines, you're so funny" he growled, nines teasingly smiling. "Today were making... wait what the fuck are we making again?" Gavin sighed, searching the refrigerator. "As humans would say in slang, 'this dudes pretty retarded" Conan joked, Gavin growling. "We're making pasta, Gavin. Was it that hard to remember?" Nines sighed, Gavin slamming the freezer shut. Nines flinched at the surprise, Gavin coming up to him. "Yeah, yeah I remembered" he said, forcing a smile. "Do you even remember anything at all?" Nines questioned, Gavin slamming him onto the table. "Well look who's a top now" he chuckled, he stopped as he realized Gavin was silently crying. "Hey hey, what's wrong love?" He asked, Gavin hanging his head low. "Stop embarrassing me, I fucking hate you for it...." he whimpered, nines got up from the table as he palmed Gavin's cheek. "Shucks, I'm sorry. I didn't know it hurt you... you know what? Do anything to embarrass me, right now" he exclaimed, Gavin sniffled. "You had a one night stand with a duplicate Connor and when you thought it was actually Connor the next day you told me we should move" he sighed, nines bolted up. "Hey.. a bit harsh on live don't you think?" He sighed, Gavin chuckled. Conan turned off the camera, passionately kissing Gavin. He tried going soft on him, but Gavin didn't back away. He gripped onto nines' hair, slamming him onto a wall as he kissed him harshly. "Okay, you have a lot of mood swings don't you?" Nines chuckled, Gavin grunted as he palmed nines' boner. He blushed furiously, Gavin chuckling at how vulnerable he's become. "Just shut up will you dipshit" he chuckled, he ran his hand up nines' button up black shirt, sucking on his neck as he left blue hickeys.

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