My mind took a few seconds to register what just happened before it gave my legs the order to move it. I walked behind him with this tingly feeling in my stomach.

                I was grateful that he took the weight off my hands but the way he did it shocked me. I never expected him to have the guts to just snatch the bags like he did.

                The walk was short, just a couple of minutes away but it felt like forever because it was just that awkward, for me at least. Walking to the edge of my drive way, I approached Zayn with a forced smile on my face.

                “See, it wasn’t too hard, was it?” He flashed me his perfect smile.

                “Thank you, but next time don’t snatch anything from my hand.” The words just flow out of my mouth without me realizing it. I don’t know what it was about Zayn but I never felt that ‘normal’ shyness around him. I always gave it to him like it was. Just like I did with Youssef most of the time.

                “Oh, ‘cause you were working out so much that those bags were just feather, right?” He smirked but not his usual confident smirk, there was something in there.

                “I said thank you.” Why was I getting defensive? Get it together Iman.

                “You are welcome.” He smiled and turned to walk away as I opened my mouth to say something.

                Getting inside the house, I definitely had a weird feeling about Zayn. It wasn’t the usual way I felt about him. I wasn’t mad, pissed, disappointed or even a bit sad. I actually felt a little happy? I didn’t even know why I was happy. It was just weird.


~Zayn’s P.O.V~

                Walking inside my house, I felt a smirk appear on my face. I actually did well, or at least I hoped so. I mean, I didn’t get one of her looks. That was a good start.

                But maybe I shouldn’t have pushed her. She sounded…annoyed? She didn’t look pissed but maybe just a little annoyed and hopefully impressed that I wasn’t my usual cocky self?

                Setting on my couch, I opened my T.V on some random show that I didn’t really care for as I chilled on my phone reading about ‘Finding Alaska’. It was the book she was reading the other day I went on the library.

                Midway through the reviews, my phone vibrates notifying me of a new message which was from Youssef.

                ‘What’s up, dude?’

                ‘Nothing. Just chilling. You?’

                I replied then closed my phone but a second later it vibrated again with a reply.

                ‘Same. Hey, can I ask you a favor?’


                ‘Remember that girl from the library?

                I closed my eyes trying to remember that girl. A vague image of a teen blond girl came to my mind.

                ‘The little blond?

                ‘Yeah, that’s the one. She’s a huge fan of yours and I was wondering if you can send me like an autographed anything to give to her? We have been talking on kik and I really like her. Tbh I want to impress her.’

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