Dear Robin...,

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Dear Robin,

My perfect date with you would start off by you spontaneously asking to study in the afternoon. I will argue, telling you how exhausted from both school and work I was, but you will still convince me to meet up with you. You then tell me to dress nicely and wear something different making me confused. You only chuckle grabbing my hand kissing the back and then leaning in to kiss my cheek sweetly. Caught by surprised, I feel heat rise up my neck up to my ears my head bowing shyly. Texting all day about how much I wanted to cancel, I contemplate what to actually wear. You know I am a sneaker, jean, t-shirt and hat kind of gal. I didn't have any else in my wardrobe. Well, except that one dress you gave me about last year for my birthday. After contemplating a while on wearing the dress I do and apply a bit of makeup on before noticing the time and running out of my room late. More than halfway through my walk to your place, I realize I left my books and things to study with. I was angry at myself and now felt completely stupid for being overdressed for a studysession. When I finally make it to your place I see all the lights off and slow music playing. Confused, I walk around opening the gate, walking further in where I see candle lights making a pathway to the tree house we helped your dad build when we were just children. Confused, I knock on the door only for it to open. Inside, I see pictures of us since we met. On the floor there were blankets and pillows, a small table in the middle with wine glasses, juice obviously inside since you knew I hated alcohol. Picnic-like food served on trays. My favorite French fries with the applesauce just near it as well. There was a cooler by the table and you were standing just a foot away fidgeting with your fingers. You were nervous which was a first. You looked adorable. I said that making you shake your head disagreeing. I asked you what all this was and you replied, "this is a date." I was highly confused since we've been friends since day one, not a single signal of you ever liking me. You then stepped closer telling me, "I've liked you for awhile. Even when I said you were like a sister, nothing tasted worse on my tongue than that since you've been the only person who've made my heart skip differently than anyone in my life. I know this is weird and it's fine if you don't feel the same way, but will you kind of want to be my girlfriend?" After you asked me that, I nod my head making you grin and pull me into a hug where we softly sway back and forth to the instrumental music in the background.

Sincerely, Iz

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