Chapter 8-The Witching Hour

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I wake up with a start hearing the baby crying in its makeshift cauldron crib. Groggily, I sit up and pull the covers off of me to check on him. Then I turn on my lamp. I peer over the side of my bed staring down at the wailing child. I pick up my oven mittens and put them on before picking up the vamp baby up. After I scoop him up in my arms, just like Stella discovered two weeks ago, its claws extend from its tiny fingernails as it wails in its sleep.

We learned the hard way the claws only elongate when it's hungry. Stella got cut across the face its second night here because she leaned down over his crib and startled him awake when she fixed his covers.

During our meals, we spoon feed him cow blood drained from steaks and burger. In the middle of the night like this though, I don't have the energy to go downstairs and feed him. It's not like I'm trying to wean him on my own blood or anything, but it doesn't really hurt anymore when he bites me.

I lay back down on my bed wedging myself up a little on my pillow. His claws retract when I take off my oven mitts and he clamps down on my index finger. I really shouldn't keep letting this happen and it should worry me now that he grabs my finger the moment I pick him up when he wakes up hungry. He usually doesn't feed from me until I settle on my bed and he never drinks enough to make me lightheaded anymore because he's pretty filled up already with the blood he drank during the day.

"Where's your mommy?" I coo after the baby finishes drinking probably about a half a cup of my blood. It looks so cute in the black and white striped baby outfit Stella bought for it this week. 

It giggles when I tickle its stomach, but then its drifts upward floating out of my arms. It crawls in the air by way of what I'm guessing is its own magic, but that can't be. Its aura is red, unless...someone is hiding the fact that their child is a hybrid. Well, I guess the answer's right in front of me. It must be a vampire hybrid part seeing as it's using its own craft to maneuver through the air over to my broom!

Before I can get to the baby, its little hand reaches out toward my broomstick. It moves from the corner and underneath the baby's small form. The window opens letting in the crisp fall air and a bunch of dead leaves too since I took the screen out to clean it this morning. 

I rush over to the baby, "Wait!"

I grab the broomstick in one hand and go to grab the mischievous baby with the other, but my broom darts forward out the window with the little vamp perched right on top. Naturally, I climb onto it to avoid letting the baby fly off somewhere alone on its dangerous adventure. 

By the time we've exited out through the window, I clumsily straddle the broomstick between my thighs leaning forward and pulling the baby in my arms. We fly up above the house and I sigh in relief knowing I've gained some amount of control over the situation. What would have happened if I was asleep and it went around flying outside on its own? How does it even know what a broom is? Did its parents take it for frequent rides?

"This is not the best time..." I grumble feeling my stomach twist in knots as my curse mark acts up.

It's been at least a month since I caught a demon in town. Up until now, I was starting to finally think the devil may have forgotten about me and finally taken care of the demons for himself. Well, at least I'm not so cold now that my work outfit has been conjured onto my body by way of my employer, the devil.

"H-hey!" I holler in shock when my broom moves vertical to the skyline and we shoot up like a rocket. 

I hold the baby to my chest while holding onto my broom with the other. My dress dangles below my feet fluttering below me rapidly as we go higher and higher into the night sky. The baby laughs like it's having the time of its life while I'm screaming like an unlucky live chicken about to be thrown into the broiler. I grit my teeth wondering if it's using its magic again to try to control our little ride.

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