When I'm Around Him It Disappears.

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»Michael's POV«

Life has always felt a little sweeter whenever Jeremy's around me. I don't feel as tired. I smile a lot more, I laugh a lot more. My heart doesn't feel as empty. I don't feel insecure about every little thing I do. I feel like I can really be myself around him, like I don't have to hide anything.

Ever since I was a kid there was this....thing in my head. I ignored everything it told me until I was maybe, ten? That's when I fully knew what they meant. I tried to keep ignoring it, but it just got stronger.

When I was in middle school that's when everything went downhill. In middle school that's when I was finding out my sexuality. It would scold me whenever I thought a boy was cute, and it would scold me even more if I dare thought Jeremy was cute.

      Jeremy somehow has a way of telling the thing to fuck off, because when I'm around him it disappears. Of course, it comes back whenever he leaves, that's why I spend time with him. Not only is he the person I love, but he's also the only person who can make the thing go away. And I want to spend every second of my life with him....

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