Chapter 32: Birthday

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i already edited this chapter but i'm still so disappointed geez



(it's jinwoo's birthday and not hyunjin's in this chapter tho)

and this chapter will be really messy i'm sorry in advance idk what i'm writing anymore *awkwardly laughs

It's finally the day that she's been fearing. They're in Australia but their safety is not guaranteed yet. Just like she once said, they're everywhere. Her supposedly father's eyes are everywhere and she might not be able to escape.

Jinwoo hasn't slept even a wink yet. It's currently 12 in the morning and she's still wide awake– eyes instilled with fear and anxiety. Hyunjin's sleeping soundly beside her but she still can't seem to calm herself down. Her boyfriend's arm is draped over her small waist– his voluptuous chest pressed to her back. She's thinking too much negativity to feel the comfort of having her loved one close to her.

Her knitted eyebrows formed a crease on her forehead– one that Hyunjin likes to smoothen with his lips often but he's unaware of his surrounding as of now to do so.

"Your heartbeat's loud..." Hyunjin finally spoke– his voice hoarse and low. His breath tickled her nape that some of her hairs rose at the gesture.

"I'm sorry..." Jinwoo quietly said. Her voice cracked– turning it into a whisper since she hasn't spoken for hours and her throat's extremely dry.

Hyunjin pulled his girlfriend closer, holding her tight and he situated his chin on top of her head. "Happy birthday love." The female brunette smiled and closed her eyes, finally feeling at ease since her boyfriend's awake but still, her heart just can't seem to calm down and the boyfriend knows what's up. "We'll be okay...we're stronger now."

Jinwoo wants to agree and drift off to sleep but something inside of her says otherwise. Why is she so damn anxious? She thought that she already passed this stage but what is her heart on about now?

Suddenly, all of her body hairs arose. She feels a presence– no, there are lots of them. She felt this before and she thinks she knows who they are but why? They left, far from Korea but still, why? Was it because of her anxiety? Could they feel her anxiety?

" you feel that?" Hyunjin now has his eyes open and his ears are on duty. His girlfriend is quivering beside him and he doesn't know what to do about it. He's seen her like this once but he feels like this time, it's worse. "Nevermind, don't answer."

Jinwoo turned and slipped her arms to hug her boyfriend tight. She buried her face in his chest and shut her eyes tight. She's scared, she's about to lose it. She doesn't know what to expect but she feels that nothing good will be of the presence that she feels.

Why is the presence of a ghoul's?

"Shhh..." Hyunjin could hear Jinwoo's whimpers like that one time when she was dreaming. "'ll be fine, we'll be fine." He rubbed his girlfriend's back in a comforting manner but the poor one couldn't feel it.

"They're here..." She choked out.

The window broke on cue, Hyunjin held Jinwoo tighter as he carried her to the door– away from the windows with his ghoul speed as if they jumped within a second. The poor girl squeaked. Her face is still in her boyfriend's chest who's not thinking of letting go of her.

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