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Like always I was out and about creating havoc and trouble like no man business and my last stop was the diner where my best friend worked.

"what can I get you? A redhead asked. "I'll have a burger and a side of medium size fries plus a large lemonade with ice" flashed her a smile after placing my order.

"what's up with you and lemonade?" dropping to the seat opposite me, Ivy asked.

"you smell of dishwasher"

"can you blame a woman, I was stuck on dish duty"

I shook my head slightly while chuckled "did you call another customer a butthole?"

"no!" she said loudly then lowering her voice and looking away from me "I just told him to leave kindly"

"yeah right Ivy , by telling him to fuck out" I said taking a sip from my drink that the redhead had placed in front of me along with my food a minute ago.

"whatever" she took a piece of my fries.

Ivy had a quite a temper that could get out of hand, but in all she was an irreplaceable friend. We have been friends since we could crawl, creating trouble and all that.
Boys also had an eye for her, I mean who wouldn't with her chocolate brown hair that was always bouncing round on her shoulders in large curls that was prefect for her small oval face, pretty light brown eyes that shone in the sun and prefect height of 5,4 and flawless dark skin.

"how is your mom and her husband?"

I rolled my eyes than took a large bite from the burger.

"how are you still slim and yet eat like that?" I stuck my tongue out at her.

"they went out for dinner party"

"I just adore them together, I mean seeing her with a man and not just any man, one of the top men in the country. Got me drooling to be in her shoes. And the way he treats her, it's something I always wanted for her ever since..... you know"

I didn't reply her instead I took a large bite from my burger and shrugged my shoulders. She looked at me knowing that I wouldn't reply her or make any comment in that direction.
She sighed and stood up from the table and heading towards the kitchen

"I'm going to get my stuff, be back in five"

"you're done with your shift?" she didn't answer me and true to her words she came out dressed in her normal clothes, I was done eating and ready to go.

"you done?"

She shoved me out the door as quick as lightening.

"Get into the car quick" she practically ran towards the car. I rolled my eyes.

"Why get a job if you can't keep up with it?"

"Because I need the money since my mom won't give me money till heaven knows when and maybe if the working rules of the 21st century weren't strict I wouldn't be such a hard worker"

Did she just say hard worker? I looked at her confused

"A worker who give her boss a hard time. Now can we get going I don't want to he here when_" she was cut short by her boss standing out the door calling her name

"too late he already screaming his lungs out"

Her boss face was red as a tomato and soon he held his chest, holding on to the door frame he began to gasp for breath the other employees came out to assist

"come on let's get out of here!" Ivy got into the car and I zoomed away, laughing


"Davina Janice Queen, how many times do I have to warn you about running down the downstairs? My mom called out from the dinning room where she was having breakfast with Harris(my new dad)

"a lot mom, but am late for school so got go" I kissed her on her cheek, then nodded at him

"what about breakfast?

"Ivy got me covered" and with that I dashed out of the mansion got onto my motorcycle and headed straight for school

"here I got you a donut and your caramel latte" Ivy handed the food to me as soon as I took of my helmet.

"thank you so much, don't know what I'll do without you"

"you'll probably be useless" I took a bite from the donut as we walked into the prison called school

"you got a point there my friend"

and just as we entered, the bell rang and we proceed to our first class of the day. History.

At this point I was on the verge of death, whoever said listening to your mom talk about how she was a straight a student and how you should study was boring had never heard Mr Anderson teach. Literally half the class had zoned out, Ivy was catching up on Riverdale on her phone and I dared not disrupt her concentration so instead I picked up my phone and began to scroll through my Instagram feed praying sliently for the bell to ring

As soon as the bell rang indicating the end of the period (thankfully)


On getting home, I branched the kitchen taking an apple from the fruit bowl, one of the kitchen staffs approached me

"welcome back Miss Queen, what would you like for lunch?" she asked with a sweet smile on her face which was slightly creepy to me.

"nothing, I'm good" I smiled back

"Miss Queen" a new voice called behind me, turning slowly I came face to face with the butler

He smiled at me the bowed slightly

"anything you need?" he asked politely

"no" I smiled back

"alright, if there's anything, please do not hesitate to inform me" he bowed again and I left.


"still going to take me a while to get used to the whole Miss Queen shit" I took out my fake ID, showing it to the bouncer before he let both of us into the club.

"how long De, it's been three months since they got married, three bloody months and you still ain't used to a bunch of butlers calling you Ms Queen? Girl, we need to switch places"

"two martinis please" taking a seat I continued "whatever, right now I just need to cool of and let out the steam from the week"
"I feel you" she took a sip from her drink while dancing to the music

"Hey! ain't that your step brother over there with those hotties."

That caught my attention, I looked closely and it was my step brother Isn't he supposed to be in school? What was he doing here?
Our eyes found each other and after a minute of holding his stare I broke away leading Ivy to the dance floor


Ivy was drunk and I had to suffer the pain of dragging her up the stairs trying not to wake anybody.

"you know Ivy when you said you wanted to have a hell of fun, that didn't mean you should drink your ass off"

Finally I reached my room, just as I was about to open the door I felt another presence behind me. Across the hallway stood my stepbrother leaning against the door frame of his room watching me. We held each others gaze for a while then I nodded my head before entering my room. A silent communication between us.

So I finally published this book after so much thought. I really hope you guys like it..... I think my description sucked so just forgive me no proper description yet.
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