Chapter 28: Jacky (2)

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He considered using his shoulder as an excuse not to go to therapy

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He considered using his shoulder as an excuse not to go to therapy.

The whole day had sucked. All Jacky had wanted was to talk to Ryan, and there was never an opportunity. Lunch was the same as usual: Ryan sat with his jock friends, and Jacky sat with Haylee, because once again Cody hadn't shown up. Jacky wondered if Cody somehow knew that Nina and Matt were back together, which then made Jacky feel like an asshole for not texting him over the weekend.

After getting home from school and lying on his bed for a while with a bag of frozen peas on his shoulder, he sighed and got up and put on his coat, and rode his bike down to Dr. Greene's office.

Ryan wasn't in the waiting room when Jacky got there. Jacky picked up a brochure and let it fall open on his lap. Ryan's seat remained empty as the minutes ticked by.

Maybe they had changed Ryan's therapy schedule. That would mean Jacky would never see Ryan except in class.

At five minutes of four, Jacky heard footsteps in the hall and looked up.

"Hi," said Ryan. He sat down in the same seat he had sat in on that first day, and gave Jacky a sad look from across the room.

"Do you have to leave right after this?" Jacky cleared his throat so his voice wouldn't crack. "Maybe we could hang out? And talk?"

"Mike will be picking me up after." Ryan looked at his knees, and didn't explain who Mike was.

"Can I... call you later?" He hated how desperate he felt. He didn't want to be this person.

"Ryan?" Dr. Burns stood in the doorway to his office.

Ryan looked up, then back at Jacky. "That would be good," he said.


Author's Note: Sorry this one is so short!  I hope everyone is doing well and this story isn't depressing the heck out of you...

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